Welcome to Amber's peaceful, coastal inspired home

From Amber:

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the beach. I mean, absolutely obsessed, collected shells, sat on the balcony every night while we were there…I loved the beach. What I did not know was that when decorating a house, our home, that I could use one of my loves as inspiration for my style. In our first home, I decorated with trends and made over things the way I “thought” I liked them. My first living room had one brown wall, yellow walls and black and red furniture! I used so much color and used it so wrong! Now, please know: I absolutely love color and so many of my friends do it so extraordinarily well. But me?  I’m much better with soft whites and neutrals.
Now, as the story of our yellow house evolves (a story of the renovation of a foreclosure), we fall more in love each day. It seemed the more I started doing what I loved and not what I thought I was “supposed to do,” I saw my style evolve. What worked for us turned out to be comfort first then style. And somehow, for us, it ties together perfectly. Not for anyone else, but for our wild family of young boys and a little girl on the way. It may not look perfect but it welcomes a basketball team on Saturday mornings and a group of girls every Tuesday morning to gather around this imperfect little ottoman and stained couch cushions. And that, we would not change for the world.
The story of our yellow house is a true story of love at first sight. A relationship that certainly took way more than it gave for the first three years of the journey, but today, it is our dream come true.