Indoor/Outdoor Table

With our temps dipping from the blazin' 100s down into the mid 70s, (my favvvvorite range), I got inspired to work on a fun indoor/outdoor table that's been in the garage well over a month now. Already painted a creamy white and in excellent sturdy condition, there was little I wanted to do to change this cutie.
I grabbed my brush and dug around in the back of my stash of paints for the perfect color I knew would be fitting for this piece. It's a very light grayish-blue, (Bayou by Behr), and I dry brushed it on to stay consistent with the already weathered look. Once dry I lightly distressed all angles and edges to allow an outline of white to be seen.

I used a fine sanding block to give a more worn look to the top.

It was fun 'staging' this little table/bench outside and just letting the surrounding nature act as the decor. My Shire had some staging ideas of her own as well.:)
 I confess I've never done her hair this way, but I love it! I usually pull it back tight in a secure hairband. I was thinking that I don't want her to end up like me, always having to have her hair completely off her face. I like this softer look on her. :) But I digress...

Pretty cute little table, huh? Or bench.:)