Fabric tassles - July DIY home accessory

Hello, hello! While I'm not one to ever feel obligated to post on my blog, I also don't like to be silent here in blog land for too long. While there may have been crickets chirping on my blog recently, it's been anything but quiet here at our home base. We had an adventurous 4th of July up in Lititz, PA where some of my husband's family is from. This small town celebrates the 4th like nobodies business, let me tell ya.

{Wooden train at the park = huge hit with my boys. All of them.}

After we were all partied out in Lititz we were off to Somerset, PA for a lovely wedding of my cousin, Laura. We sang, danced, played cards, swam, ate, drank, hiked, golfed (the boys), and had an overall fantastic time together.

{hmm, it appears sticking out your tongue just isn't as adorable when you're over the age of 3...but still fun none the less!}

And finally, after we exhausted ourselves fully, we made our way home. It just so happens that during our trip I broke my foot, (my first broken bone ever)! I have a big clunky boot to wear over the next 6 weeks but have been somewhat cleared to do anything I want that is comfortable for me. I had intended to paint our kitchen cabinets this week, but I am thinking that project may have to wait just a few weeks until my foot is not as tender. I do plan to resume furniture painting as soon as possible as there are some really cool pieces awaiting their own makeover that I cannot wait to show you!

In the mean time, I took the past few days to try a fun home accessory project that I had seen awhile ago on the inspirational blog, In the Fun Lane and wanted to share with you. It's super easy, super cheap, (if not free), and just a fun little touch that you can really add anywhere in your home! May I present....FABRIC TASSELS!

You start with any kind of fabric you want - burlap, lace, linen, cotton, fleece...you name it, it can be made into a tassel. I've used old curtains, pillowcases, sheets, cloth napkins; various fabrics I've had around the house from other projects. Any size, whatsoever. For this demo I used a vintage cloth napkin, (I found this stack of 8 at an antique store for just under $4; all 8 will be turned into little tassels to hang off of Shire's dresser knobs when we move her to her own room - pics will most definitely be posted when it's done!)

{fold fabric in half and cut slits straight up until you're about an inch or so from the fold}

{Open your fabric}

{Roll it up}

{Fold in half and tie with ribbon, twine, yarn, whatever you've got}

{hang in a fun spot to enjoy...over a kitchen chalkboard}

{kitchen cabinets}

{Dresser or TV console}

{Adorn a mirror}

{Adorn a doorknob}

{Jazz up a plain looking plant stand...or give a distraction from the very obviously fake plant ;) }

{Turn a factory made Ikea headboard or foot board into something original}

There are so many ways to use fabric tassels! When it comes to home decorating I don't like things to look or feel over decorated and cluttered with layers and layers of accessories. That being said, I frequently like to change out my accessories. I am constantly replacing things and moving things around in our home. It's exciting to have new ideas for using things or how to decorate the same pieces of furniture I've had for a long time in a way that makes them feel fresh and new again.

Oh yeah, and while I'm on the topic of fresh and new, I decided to do something about our guest quarters that for almost 2 years has been nothing more than a little alcove in our basement. We currently have a futon and the pieces of our kids' future bunk beds all squished into this one small space, (the bunk bed mattresses are in storage, the wood pieces would not fit). Though this set up is temporary until we actually use the bunk beds as....beds....I couldn't wait any longer to set up a space that may actually leave our guests wanting to come back!

{Can you see where the pieces of the wood bunk bed were placed?}

{Bunk bed latter is being used as a 'headboard', 2 of the 3 underside drawers are being used as bedside tables, and 1 drawer is in the right side corner being used as a shelf for a mini library with some of my personal favorite reads, some faux flowers, and a vanilla candle - a favorite scent (simple and yummy)}

{I had these three square frames with fabrics that caught my eye just stapled right on...I hadn't found a way to use them until now! The linens were all mixed and matched from the thrift store - and washed in HOT and double rinsed!}

{Right now I am really loving layering different fabrics. It isn't something I know how or desire to do all throughout my home, but for this small space, I think it really worked. It was fun to put together and, hopefully, is a very warm and inviting space for our dear guests who brave a night, or more, with our crazy clan!}

Thanks for stopping by!