New feature launch: StyleMutt Spaces!

Hi friends! When Cate and I first sat down to discuss StyleMutt and all our hopes and dreams for this site, a theme that kept coming up in our conversation was, 'sharing is caring'. We want this place to be both a DIY and decorating resource, as well as a place where the great throng of creatives out there can share their hard work. We absolutely love seeing what brilliant ideas folks are uncovering and one of our goals for this site is to share all that inspiration!

We've got a handful of really fun features in progress and we'll be launching them as they are ready to go - starting with Spaces! StyleMutt Spaces will not be just a page of Cate's home and my home - not by a long shot. Well, at least that's the hope! At the moment, almost all of the rooms in our homes can be toured on Spaces, but we want to add so many more of yours! If you enjoy your home and the 'sanctuary' you've made it to be, we'd love to take a peek if you're up for sharing! Just use the hashtag #stylemuttspaces on Instagram, or post photos right to our Facebook wall! We're hoping you'll help us fill our Spaces page quickly!

Kicking off StyleMutt Spaces is a crazy fun playroom for a sweet 2yr old boy named Rylan. Rylan's Mommy, Nicole, and I are actually friends from high school! As soon as I saw these photos I was uber motivated to improve my own kids' play area! From the awesome statement wall that Nicole did herself, to re-purposing a shoe rack to use as a bookshelf, this room is definitely not lacking in good hard toddler fun. And the best part of the room is all the thought that went into every detail so Rylan's little imagination can just run wild and soar. 

Let's take a look!

From Nicole:
"It's hands down my favorite room in the house now. Rylan is using it SO much. Anytime he's not eating, sleeping, or outside - he's in this room and having so much fun!!"

A custom floor pillow, made by Rylan's Nana, is perfectly cozy for curling up with books.

A custom floor pillow, made by Rylan's Nana, is perfectly cozy for curling up with books.

Nicole's source list:
-Easel and DIY lego table from IKEA
-Area rug from Urban Outfitters
-White shoe rack to house puzzles and books in the corner, with a custom floor pillow, (made by his Nana), to make it comfy!
-My wicker toy basket is from Target
-I did some crafty cord hiding behind the computer with a chevron drape and a cute box, (that I cut the back out of to hide my extension cords and router)
-As for my wall - it was originally a faint grey/white. I freehanded my accent wall with frog tape, putting the tape where I wanted it to remain white. And then I painted! Two coats of Anjou Pear from Sherwin Williams and I removed the frog tape quickly as to keep my lines as clean as possible.

"It was my first project like this and I think I may have gotten the "bug!"

We really hope Nicole got the "bug" and sends some more amazing inspiration our way. Isn't this room crazy fun?! Thank you so much, Nicole!

We invite you to check out the Spaces page and tour the rooms that are up there now! And don't forget to tag yours on Instagram with #stylemuttspaces or share directly to our Facebook wall!

Thank you all for stopping by and have a happy weekend!