How d'ya do, Mr. McCall?

One of the biggest shames of my life is that I have 'obvious disgust face'. I can't swallow something that tastes bad in my mouth without distorting my face in obvious disgust. I can't watch something graphically disturbing without 'obvious disgust face'. And I certainly can't get past a fowl smell without it either. I literally wear my disgust on my face. For shame! It's like I'm 5 years old! Sometimes I can't even tell I'm making 'obvious disgust face' until my husband catches my eye and gives me 'disappointed face'. LOL

Needless to say, there's one home decor element that we've never mentioned on our cozy blog here but is a pretty big deal! Home scents, yo! What you smell when you walk into a home is the biggest first impression you'll have, without even realizing it. A room can be beautiful and comfortable, but if somethin' is smellin' funky, you know you're not sticking around long!  

I'm so excited to hep introduce a brand new product on the market, (launching TODAY), from an awesome small business, (which we are ALL about here at StyleMutt Home):

Mr. McCall's Fine Fragrances

We met Mr. Tyler McCall on Instagram a while ago and have enjoyed following his passion for home decor transform into home fragrances! He's created a line of scents using all natural ingredients, (100% pure essential oils + water), and is launching this fabulous line right now on!

Here's a quick breakdown of this fragrance line which includes three amazing scents:

Awake - scented with sweet citrus, energizing mint, and aluring garden herbs
Relax - scented with soothing eucalyptus, calming lavender, and warm patchouli
Asleep - scented with relaxing lavender

These fragrances have been so thoughtfully concocted they seem to have magical powers! Just take a look at these wild children running reckless, jumping off tables, (who's kids are these anyway?!):

And after a spritz of Relax:

Amazing, right!?! But in all seriousness, we've been spraying Asleep, (a calming scent using lavender), in the boys' room in the evenings before bed and they have been calming down so much better! Usually, it's like a frat house up there until 10pm, now it's more like a couple of baby monkey's. Bearable. I've already asked for an industrial size supply of this life changing room spray!

Mr.McCalls fragrances are now a regular element of our home and I sure hope you'll give them a try! Please head over to and enter code august15off to receive 15% off your first order! And if you are on Instagram, please go show your support to @mrmccalls!

Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy a beautiful weekend!