Hairpin Legged Map Chest ||2016 Flip List Item No.6||

*OCD Alert!* I warned you I'd once again be tackling my furniture flip bucket list out of order.  If you are prone to severe OCD tendencies, this series may not be for you.  I'll give you a courtesy buffer so you can jump ship before I jump right in...

5...4...3...2... Still with me? 1  

Well ok then!  I'm glad to see you've decided to stick around.

For those of you who don't know, every January I like to informally declare some DIY projects I'd like to tackle for the year.  And I infamously go out of order (or even run out of time - ahem *bakersrack*).

Here's what I set out to do last year (in order of completion):
No.6 - White chippy dresser 
No.5 - Best vintage chart hack
No.7 - Turn a swivel chair into an accent chair 
No.4 - Navy and gold dresser
No.3. - Rivet something
No.2 - Wood shim surface treatment 
No.1 - Build my own baker's rack (still pending ;)

Here's what I've set out to do this year (in order of original post):
No. 1 - DIY a baker's rack (because I didn't last year)
No.2 - Reupholster a chair
No.3 - Build a chandelier
No.4 - Grow-up my abstract art
No.5 - Jewel toned dresser
No.6 - Hairpin Legs
No.7 - Creative hardware

And true to form, this year I started with item No.7, and here I am a week later introducing you to item No.6.


You dazzled?!?!  No?  Well that's probably because this is what it looked like when I found it.  Let me try again: 

This flip list item didn't actually start with the map chest, it began with a weird $5 table painted like a football.  You heard me right - a football.  But I had no purpose for a 10" tall table with a laminate oval top but I did have use of the table's hairpin legs...  Once I had the legs I wanted, it was a matter of finding a suitable new top.  I new I wanted to make a storage piece so I started trolling wooden pieces with a vintage flare.  

I stripped the chest's orangey stain and went with a weathered wood look that would play up the vintage vibes my hairpin legged vision was going for.

Since he's a petite piece, I kept the styling minimal (I know - not usually my "collectionism" style).  I went with two simple vases and a brass seed pod from target encased within a little cloche.  The pant-hanger art is a traced Picasso line-drawing (hope you don't mind Pablo!).

If you are OCD and still reading, your supreme attention-to-detail skills may recognize the original knobs from the fugly twins.  I kept them for a less eyeballesque layout like the two columns on this piece.  They are real porcelain and truly vintage plus I liked the scale for such skinny little drawers.

Thank you again to my type-A personality friends who've been putting up with my crazy scatter-brainedness.  I'd like to think I'll do better next time but who am I kidding...

Please still accept me despite my faults ;)

Map Chest with Hairpin Legs
20"W X 17"D X 39"H
Price: $265 SOLD