Pinch of Merriment Home Tour

You know, I really debated whether or not to even take photos of our home over the holidays this year to share here - I feel like every year I do less and less out of preference for simplicity in this house! But Cate and I just love celebrating home in all its forms, be it a bedroom to call your own, temporary military base housing, or the home you’ve lived in for 35 years. This home of ours has gone through so much as our family has grown and evolved within its walls. And it dawned on me that sharing it here has been an unexpected way of documenting life as we know it! So I share our home today less for today, and more for the future, when I will look back on this chapter and remember how very good it was, indeed.

Since I just shared our main floor after the kitchen reno, let’s start upstairs in the master!


Just a swag of fresh garland from Trader Joes, ($7.50 for 15ft), and we’re done! Odds and ends from the kids tend to find our bedroom fast, so I really like taking advantage of the wall over the bed for one pretty thing, rather than adding more items to our surfaces.


And on our main floor we would like to introduce you to this years tree, Mariah Carey! Every year I have named our Christmas tree after a person, (fictional or real), based on looks or personality - we’ve had Paul Pheiffer from the Wonder Years, Rosemary Clooney…. This year our tree has been a total nut. It refuses to stand up straight and has fallen over, so if you look really closely you can see the fishing line my husband is using to hold it upright. It’s not even standing on it’s own accord!!!! I had to name our 2018 tree after the diva herself, (it’s lustrous needles sure are pretty, after all). And yes, I prepped that star before taking a photo and it was straight before I turned around to take the shot. You get the name now?


Other than Mariah, just a few little things peppered around this space. Most of it has either been gifted, or I found at a holiday craft fair our first year of marriage - I hit up every single one in a 20 mile radius that year, not even kidding!


I’m very excited about one little project I worked in this season - the bench of my dreams! After Cate designed and started making these to order last Fall, I have been eager to make one for our own home! I actually commissioned one for a design client who’s bedroom I was working on last Winter, but to finally have one of our own is such a treat. I love it! Cate’s very easy to follow tutorial can be found here for anyone curious.


Still getting used to this view! That deep teal island used to be an L shaped wall!


One of my favorite objectives when I am decorating, whether it’s my own home or for a client, is to create as much impact with as few items as possible. I’m not a stone-cold minimalist, but I sure do crave simplicity! It’s funny the things that strike our fancy, isn’t it?


Wrapping this thing up at the kitchen! Isn’t that where company always ends up? I have been loving it in here since we took down that wall, but not by myself! The best part has been using it together! Having this space to interact with each other and with guests is the gift that keeps on giving.


I hope you enjoyed the tour, but mostly that you were able to relax and take advantage of a few moments of peace while you were scrolling through! Those moments are hard to come by these next couple weeks but the Lord can use even the brief ones to rest and restore us. We invite you back on Monday for a tour of Cate’s holiday home, and then next Wednesday, December 19 I’m giving away TWO gift cards to a very sweet and talented friend’s home goods shop. I don’t secret well so I’d better jet before it all spills out. See ya next Wednesday, friends!


Thank you so much for coming by today!


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Alternatives to The Great Vintage Rug Tree Skirt

If I wasn’t already acutely aware of Chritmas’ fast approach, the recent emails and messages would have clued me in! This time of year I get a surge of messages about the Christmas tree skirt I cut out from a vintage rug two years ago. The story goes that I found a gorgeous but damaged 11x13 vintage rug on Craigslist for $30. Due to the damage it was unusable as a rug, (someone had literally cut the poor baby right down the middle and then DUCT TAPED it back together. You can’t make this stuff up, people.) So I took advantage of two perfectly good halves of a rug and created 6 full size Christmas tree skirts out of it! I kept one, gave one away, and sold the remaining 4. When they were gone they were gone. Done. It was a fun project that made me happy but not something I wanted a career in LOL! Turns out cutting through rug ain’t for sissies!

Christmas, 2016


Nevertheless, word about these rug tree skirts spread and unfortunately I think there’s been a misunderstanding that there won’t be new stock coming back. Like, ever. BUT, I do know what it’s like to see something and have that flutter in your heart picturing how lovely it would look in your home, and I want to help.

I scoured the internet everywhere I could think of, and have narrowed down ONLY my toppest top favorite Christmas Tree Skirts that, fortunately, are well stocked and available right now. So let’s meet em’!

Just click on any picture to be directed to the link for more images and details!

Aren’t they fun! I see a bit of myself in every single one of these. Having style mutt taste sure broadens your options! Hah! Quick run-through:

1 - Don’t EVER discount Walmart
2 - This is one I actually got to collaborate on! Angie, the creator, was inspired by my rug skirt that she now PRINTS vintage rug patterns on velvet. Amazing what you can print!!!
3 - For the minimalists. Natural canvas and a wink of leather - so yummy.
4 - I actually passed over a ton of mudcloth tree skirt options until I got to this one. The Citizenry got it right when they lined up the pattern so precisely. I’m smitten.
5 - Can’t go wrong with ivory pom-poms!
6 - Do you know what I see here? A solid DIY project. You got this!
7 - I feel like I need to defend this choice but I’ve got nothing. It’s just precious and different.
8 - Absolutely love the simple stripes!
9 - So many dyed indigo options but I wasn’t feelin’ any of them until I came across this pattern. The leather doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re here because you’re in the market for a tree skirt I hope you’ve been inspired by something! And if not? You can always cut up a rug ;)

Thank you so much for coming by!


Leather Headboard || 2018 Flip List Item No.1

We’ve got a month and some change left in the year and I still have projects left on the 2018 Furniture Flip Bucket List and have only coordinated one room tour since we moved into our new place last Spring. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m running a bit behind on a lot of things in life, but hey - who isn’t?

Let’s do a little something about that today shall we? I’m fixin’ to kill two birds with one post: item No.1 from the flip list and a master bedroom reveal!


I often use my annual Flip LIst as a declaration on intent for the year. It’s a combination of fun projects I have my eye on and personal challenges I’d like to tackle. Item No.1: Miter Corners definitely falls into the challenge category. I kind of figured I’d try to hone this new skill on a picture frame or something small, but then ended up with the idea to try a headboard shortly after we moved in.


When we moved in, the bedroom was a baby blue. It just wasn’t our style so we promptly painted it a StyleMutt favorite: Swiss Coffee.

Bedroom Before, Blue 2.jpg

The white allows the warm tones in the wood and the leather to pop.


The white walls also showcase the many green accents we have sprinkled around the room - the emerald velvet curtains, the pops in our artwork, and our little succulent garden.


Hanging directly across from our bed where I can look at it every day is our Laura Gunn Still canvas print - a dreamy colorscape of all my favorite moody greens. Don’t mind Thor #theotherstylemutt, the bedroom is equally his domain.


The bedroom has been finished for a few months now, but the DIYed headboard was the perfect special occasion to finally do a full room tour.


This was my first time trying to miter “properly” - using the right tools and mostly the right methods.  And I have to say, I’m darn proud of myself! 


I mitered the top corners and used a simple butt joint for the bottom brace. Then I slung some of my favorite leather across the frame and stapled it in place on the backside. 


They angles might not be perfect, but they’re pretty close for a first try. 


He could care less, but I love how the leather brings out the auburn in Thor’s coloring.


Well on that note I guess I’ll let this little guy get his nap. That leaves only one last project on the Flip List - here’s hoping I won’t slack off for the rest of the year!


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