Small Step To A Healthier Home

Hi Friends! I already checked off my only New Years resolution this past week - to get a physical! It’s so hard to make these appointments when you’re feeling well and have a busy schedule. Visiting the doctor is something you carve out time for only when you’re sick, right? Matt and I both needed to get physicals as it had been a few years, so we made a date out of it and scheduled ours back to back. Mine started with a series of questions about my lifestyle, (Do you eat a well balanced diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you get enough sleep?), and with the choice of answers being limited to Always, Inconsistently, and Never, I found myself in the unavailable category of ‘Interested’.

I am always interested in taking better care of myself and my family. I have spent many a late night in bed browsing information on essential oils, cancer fighting foods, and apparent toxins found in sunscreen. There is so much information out there - too much for me to handle, that’s for sure! It just isn’t feasible for us to make the number of changes that would be needed to avoid every single possibility of sickness. But small changes we can do!

This past year I became more aware, (through my sister, actually!), of some of the harmful ingredients in our day to day hygiene products, (soaps, lotions, hair care, etc). A doctor friend of mine who blogs about these topics shared a list of where to find healthier, ‘clean’ products. As I scrolled through, thinking I’m going to change our entire regime, I was stunned by the prices - and the quantities! $15 for 12oz of shampoo. Are you kidding? There are 5 heads of hair to wash in this house! And after dealing with lice this time last year I am not skimping on hair washing, people!!!


It couldn’t have been better timing when Public Goods reached out to ask if I wanted to try some of their products. In their first email introducing themselves, they shared their desire to offer cleaner products for every day prices competitive to what you could find in a typical store. Game changer!


Public Goods ingredients are similar to their packaging - they leave out a lot more than they put in. Both are clean, simple and high quality.


Most impressive is the variety of products! They offer personal care, household cleaning supplies, linens, paper, oils - it’s an impressive line that doesn’t stop at just hygiene, or just household, as a lot of companies do. Since Public Goods is an online company, you pay a (very low) yearly membership fee in order to purchase their (very well priced) products. Items are delivered extremely fast, (mine arrived 2 days from when I placed the order), making planning ahead a cinch.


Purse friendly and pretty, too.


Health is always something we can do better on and I am okay with that. We’re still going to drink Swiss Miss and grab a weekly $5 deal at Little Caesars. But this is one change that is easy for me to make that I feel is worth it. These decisions are so personal as everyone needs to decide for themselves what changes are feasible for them. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have tried Public Goods products and decide if they are worth swapping into our daily routine. If you would like to try, too, you can purchase one little item and then try out a free Travel Kit with smaller sizes of more items with code STYLEMUTT at checkout!

Cheers to baby steps and small changes towards better health! A huge thank you to my Mom and Dad for lending their BEAUTIFUL master bath so I could share these products with you. (You DO NOT want to see my bathrooms). And thank you so much for coming by today!


Best Laid Plans || 2018 Flip List Recap

Oh hey there January. When did you get here?

I came so close. Close but no cigar as they say. It’s not the first time I’ve neglected the final item on my annual Furniture Flip Bucket List (see what happened in 2016 for example) but I really did come close.


Every January, I publically declare my resolutions for the year with a list of projects or challenges I’d like to see myself complete. And sometimes the year gets the best of my despite my most noble intentions.

I may have left completing Item No.2 undone but I at least have something to offer the New Years Resolution Police:

My Plans

Tri Table Cropped.jpg

So what happened? Why didn’t I crank this last project out? I mean - I have the plans and measurements right here don’t I…? Did I run out of time? DId I get a little lazy? Did I change my mind?

Tri Table Components.jpg


I admit it. I ran out of time and gusto to make this project happen in 2018. This happens sometimes when I hit a creative wall - when I sat down at my metaphorical drawing board, this project began to accrue a long list of challenges that I just couldn’t ignore:

  • How to connect each table top + leg to each other with dowels

  • How to stain tapered legs to match table tops

  • Will the table tops be large enough to feel proportionate to leg length?

  • Am I spending too much on the components to still make a profit

Maybe with some more time in the year I could have solved this puzzle, but the main reason it ended up on the cutting room floor was moolah. Without the connecting dowels or stain, I’m already running a tab close to $80 just for legs, table tops and mounding hardware.

Source:  West Elm

Source: West Elm

Consider this: West Elm’s Clover Coffee Table (now discontinued) is the polished/ mass-produced version of my plans. Although no longer available, they were able to market their tables somewhere around $250. Even f I were able to assemble a table that looks as polished and try to list it for a similar price in the shop, this still means my profit margin would below my comfortable threshold.

It just wasn’t a practical project to take on. Maybe if I were in the market for a piece like this in my own home, I would give it a go. But the unknown risks far out weigh the potential for reward so I had to pass. For now.

So my 2018 list is incomplete. Alas. But exciting things are coming this year so stay tuned for the 2019 Furniture Flip Bucket List!