DIY Planter ||Furniture Flip Bucket List||

Ok so something magical happened.  I made something I've always wanted to make using only the items I already had lying around.  That's a project with like no risk and all reward.  Hey-Oh!  Even better, this project also fulfills one of the items on my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.  Double Hey-Oh!

So which item is the first I shall be crossing off this year's list?


Why No.3 of course.

The construction of this little guy was relatively simple.  All I needed was some round wooden dowels, a dowel kit, some wood glue, and a large ceramic planter.  Following along with this handy tutorial, I was able to assemble the four legs and the joining cross section. 

I built the stand to fit a ceramic planter I had lying around (with a dead plant carcass inside).  For extra stability, I secured the joints with wood glue and strapped the base in place to set.

Once the glue dried, I spray-painted the planter white and stained the legs a warm brown to get that iconic MCM planter look.

Now my plant children have a place of honor to reside.

Despite the glue, he's still not the sturdiest but I am proud I built him nonetheless.  And I still plan to improve my carpentry skills and build something SUPER solid to fulfill item No.7 this year.

But of course in the spirit of the upcoming Oscar's, let's play a little round of


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