Room Tour (Finally): McKenna's Bedroom

You guys know how it is... 

It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to decide when to shoot a space. I take one picture, and all I see are the five things I want to change about the room. I keep telling myself that I'll have our new Seattle rental (we moved here in July 2017... is it still new?!) photographed when it's "done." But let's be honest, that day will never come.

I'm lucky, then, that a breakthrough of sunlight - a welcome arrival during this gray and drizzly winter - made my decision for me. I finished work, snuck in a workout, and came home to the most breathtaking sunshine seeping through our windows. So today, Mutts, you can thank the anomaly that is the winter Seattle sunshine for this peek of our bedroom.

Exhibit A:


No, I did not add those light bubbles to these photos. That just HAPPENED. And I know they're not perfect, professional photos, but holy cow, I had to capture it. 

When we moved across the country from DC last summer, we literally brought clothing and kitchen supplies with us. The only pieces of furniture were a coffee table in our living room, and the two bedside tables you see above. Oh, and the painting - which is a Framebridge print of a photo I took in my soul city, Palm Springs, CA. The side table on the left is a table that my parents purchased and refinished at the start of their marriage in the 80s; the table on the right belonged to my fiance's grandmother. Both are precious to us and, luckily enough, majorly back in style. We saw exact lookalikes at a trendy vintage store in Seattle a few months ago. 


So that means that we had to purchase everything else. As someone who moved every 11 months for 5 years, this didn't phase me, but we took our time to make good decisions and find great deals. 

My proudest purchase is actually our bed. Even though it's a mass-produced item from Wayfair, we spent only $73 on it, and the quality has really surprised us! 


I hunted down this midcentury Tallboy on Craigslist. It's a tight squeeze in what is already a small room, but it gives me the storage I need. Now that I've accented it with some dried flowers from our local farmers market and a copy of our favorite engagement photo, I seriously love this little corner. 

And then we splurged on a few things: our Parachute Home bedding; our plug-in West Elm sconces; and our stunning and soft West Elm rug. I waited for sales and have no regrets about these purchases. In fact, we've registered for many more Parachute Home items for our upcoming wedding. They're worth it!


I love the way the small but sufficient bedroom has come together. Of course, there are things I'd change if I had a limitless budget, but it's a space that I genuinely love at the end of the day. There is no better feeling than lighting a candle, diffusing some essential oils, and nestling into bed with a good book. 

I am so excited to share the rest of our home with you all soon; in the meantime, have a great weekend, Mutts!

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Reader Design: Erin's Fresh Space

We're off to Pittsburgh today, mutts! A great, interesting East Coast city that's especially great (or so I hear) during football season. Erin's fresh and ecletic home, though, is perfect in any season. 

IMG_6795 (2).jpg

This place is chalk full of unique and interesting finds. The closet home I've seen like Erin's is an Airbnb I stayed in in London earlier this year that had artwork of actual human skulls...  you know your home is different and interesting when you're on THAT level. Erin's design inclinations may be due to her inherent taste, her attraction to rare things, and perhaps, something as simple as geography.

Well, I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I spent 6 years in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, so I like to think my style is combination of those regional elements— the laid-back, classic comfort of the south sprinkled with the refined glam of New York City.

You'll probably quickly note that Erin's home doesn't have many traces of trendiness; she does a great job of staying true to her tastes, using trendy elements sparingly. 

There are definitely trends that I have gone ga-ga over, and it is hard to refrain sometimes. I fell prey to a chevron duvet a few years ago, which still makes me cringe a little looking back! It’s one of the oldest design mantras in the book, but I think the key is using in moderation, and keeping the super trendy things limited to throw pillows or artwork, items that can be easily (and inexpensively) changed out later if you decide you are tired of it or the trend has passed.

Reeling yourself in and only keeping trendy elements to ones that are easy to swap out later is truly easier said than done, but Erin, you make it look easy - and the trends Erin does select, like over-saturated rugs and a pedestal table, still look timeless and functional. In addition to being unique, Erin values comfort just as much.

You know when you see pictures of beautiful rooms that stop you in your tracks and think - “Wow, that is so stunning! But I don’t feel like I could sit on any of that furniture!” I want it to feel the exact opposite of that.

Every choice in Erin's home seems to just invite you in - either physically, saying 'take a seat,' or emotionally, inviting you to ask a question or dive deeper into the story. 

In the bedroom, one of Erin's favorite pieces is the framed art above the bed, which is actually a vintage Hermes scarf. 

I love the nautical theme & pastel colors (I grew up sailing). I based my entire NYC studio design around it when I lived there, and later our master bedroom when I got married. Luckily my husband isn’t too picky about the pink!

Erin, your home is special indeed. Thanks for the tour! Follow Erin along on Instagram at @mediumalistdesign.

See you next week!

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Eclectic Summer Home Tour


After all that rain we had mid-May, I guess be careful what you wish for.  But the good news is that heat isn't just ushering in summer - it's ushering in a whole slue of fresh summer home tours!  Jess of Domicile 37 is hosting the Summer Eclectic Home Tours and I'm so honored to be in such company.  Eclectic is the closest synonym for style mutt so I'm rather partial to this group of mutts... I mean er... ladies.

When you walk through the front door of our 1 bedroom apartment, this bright living room is the first to greet you.  

Under the window lays a cot I originally bought to serve as extra seating when we bequeathed our old couch to Caleb's lil sis.  Our pup Thor, however, had other plans - he's claimed it as his personal vantage point.  He spends all day on that thing keeping an eye out for when we return home from work or when his four-legged friends meet up to play on in the grass below.

Adjusting to the merits and pitfalls of a southern-facing apartment [and my pre-existing black thumb condition] has meant mixed results for my plant children.  I'm sad to say we've lost Penelope the String of Pearls and 3 orchids [may they rest in peace].  But Hewie & Lewie the hanging plants are doing alright as well as Sebastian the Snake Plant.  We are all just trying to stay positive while we mourn the loss of our fallen foliage...

Most of the finds in our apartment were thrifted or foraged.  The Blue Chesterfield and magazine-turned-shoe-rack were Craigslist Free finds, the suitcase end tables a generous gift from Chelsea, our TV stand a roadside rescue, and the serape chair and geometric lamp some flips of my own.

Behind the couch is our dining area.  The campaign bookshelf triplets and the white tulip table were also craigslist finds.  I kept the big pieces white to be the stage for my riotous love of color. 

[Some of you may remember this table from it's Instagram debut 2 months ago]

Around the corner is the hallway leading past the bathroom and to our bedroom.  It's a short walk ;)

Until we can save up for a headboard, I've hung a curtain for some drama and flanked either side with brass sconces.

At the moment, most of our furniture is mid-century inspired [and also thrifted]. 

From the bedroom, you can see into the kitchen [not much to show there - just a builder-grade galley style.  Rental problems am I right?] and beyond is the front door.

Our nightstands were the product of a friendly Flip Off competition against Chelsea.  Her amazing flip sold, but I just couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to mine just yet...

Thanks so much for stopping by our 800 sq.ft. apartment on the Eclectic Summer Home Tour Series!  If you are new to StyleMutt Home and just passing through on the tour circuit - welcome!  Be sure to find the next stop on your tour below and check out the other tours from the rest of the week.  It's dripping with inspiration I tell you - DRIPPING: