Wall Mount Task Lamp || 2018 Flip List Item No.6

I did it again.  I took apart three light fixtures just to Frankenstein one.  This would be the fourth lamp I've built or rehabbed which means I may have a problem.

DIY Brass Chandelier

Geometric Lamp Copycat

Little Orphan Lampie

It started (like it always does) with a handful of parts that piqued my interest at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I wanted to replace the angular brass shade with the matte black one but couldn’t figure out to attach it so that it could adjust in any direction I needed.  So I brought the parts home to my workshop and added build a wall-mounted task tamp to my Furniture Flip Bucket List

Photo Jul 24, 2 53 35 PM.jpg

But then I found this interesting lunar landing light fixture with four articulating brass shades.  

Photo Jul 04, 11 18 04 AM.jpg

So I promptly harvested one to complete my fully adjustable assembly:


My new lamp swivels


The shade articulates


And the brass pole can go up or down while staying mounted to the wood block on the wall.


Oh yes and I have a new dresser to share too ;)  


When I shared the original dresser on my Instagram stories, I had asked you about color for this piece.


Admittedly, some of you baulked when I whispered I may be thinking orange for this one.  But I stuck with my vision and found the perfect mid-century inspired orangey-red for this one.


Even though I painted the entire body, I kept the tapered legs in the original finish.


I kept the original brass hardware too.


The extra warm tone to this piece made it especially fun to style with a pop of turquoise and some delicious terracotta.


I'm liking this color so much that I'm not listing it to sell in the warehouse just yet.  But in the meantime, at least I can cross off another flip list item.


Five down, Two to go.  Catch up on the 2018 Furniture Flip Bucket List:

Reader Design: Kristina's Evolving Home

Kristina's Edmonton, Alberta home is a perfect balance of trendy and lived-in. Her style is recognizable enough to welcome you in, to feel familiar, but there are still plenty of surprises to keep things interesting. 

My home style is honestly ever evolving. But at the moment, I’m in love with mid-century modern, with some Scandinavian decor to pay tribute to my roots! My family is mainly from Sweden and Norway, so I tend to gravitate to the style I grew up seeing around me.

Harkening back to her heritage, Kristina has figured out what works for her aesthetically but also is comfortable and homey for her family. It's a far cry from when she first started out and fell prey to something I'm sure all of us know well: opting for mimicery and copycatting to create something "on trend" without much regard to our personal styles. Perhaps those style were not yet part of us, or maybe the hype of Pinterest was too hard to resist. 

As Kristina shares: 

When I started decorating my first home, I got pulled into that shabby chic trend since it was all over Pinterest! And I really struggled with it because it truthfully wasn’t me! Over the years, I started to figure out what trends I could get behind (hello white walls!!) and which ones I could let go. I still love being influenced by the trends of course, but I’m getting better at fine tuning my own style.

In the living room, Kristina's favorite piece has become even more special since the birth of her son. 

My favourite piece in the living room would have to be my Nana’s piano. It has been in the family for many, many years and took quite the journey across provinces to get here. Even though I don’t know how to play, its presence in our home brings me so much joy, especially when I see Jack sitting on someone’s lap, plunking away at the keys.
In our bedroom, I absolutely love our DIY dresser, which I did on a whim with my husband. Little did I know that simple makeover would be such a hit with so many people. It’s my little success story that I’m really proud of (especially since I’m not the biggest DIYer).
In Jack’s room, I love our vintage dresser that I spotted on a trip through BC. It was exactly what I was hoping to find - mid century, wood, clean lines - and is the perfect piece to have as he grows and changes.

Every space in this home feels perfect for a young family - it's cohesive, calm, and perfectly curated. Kristina, thank you for showing us around; I can't wait to see what's next! 

Follow Kristina along on Instagram @inspiredbylynne for more! 

McKenna Sig.jpg

Reader Design: Elaine's Vintage Digs

Mutts, we are officially back after a few weeks away for some much-needed summer relaxation. It just doesn't feel like summer without a few days to unwind near the water or in the mountains - pick your poison. I'm currently in the mountains of Virginia with family for the weekend - and the red eye from the Seattle is to thank for today's #stylemuttspaces delay.

Now, on to the good stuff. We're back to Canada to tour Elaine's vintage home. 

Her home is chalk-full of eclectic finds, great texture, cool tones paired with typical warm mid-century elements, and lots of personality. 
From Elaine:

I like to throw in a dash of dirty ‘70s décor into my spaces (think vintage fibre art, rattan, brass and lots of crazy plant lady action). I also get a kick out of juxtaposing harder, more minimal pieces with organic, handmade elements. Nothing sexier than mixing materials — keeps things from looking too matchy-matchy.

Right away, we get to see the best vintage find of all - the Don Freedman wall hanging that totally makes the living room, which fellow Torontonian Jo @jmwearing hooked her up with. 

Freedman designed a whack of super fun and deliciously kooky fibre art for Interlude in the 70’s. The colours couldn’t go more perfectly with what we have going on in the living room and that wall was crying out for a little sum sum!

Despite its urban location, the decor channels an aesthetic that used to be typically found in the southwest - but now is taking locations far & wide by storm. 

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m staying at an Airbnb situated somewhere in Joshua Tree and not living in a rental in downtown Toronto. A girl can dream, no?

The whole home has the vibe of an artist's studio - relaxing, interesting, with plenty of conversation-starting pieces. It's the kind of place that absolutely inspires with quality pieces that have been carefully curated and melded together. What I love about Elaine is that she naturally leans toward one-of-a-kind items, so you won't find many big box purchases! 

And finally, Elaine leaves us with a big heaping for gratitude for this crazy design community of which we're all a part: 

I’ve just been awestruck about the amount of creativity, inspiration, and goodwill I’ve encountered from the online home décor and design community. At first I felt like a total goof hashtagging posts on Instagram—but then I realized that’s how you find your “people.”

Hashtags are how we came to find each other, so we certainly those same feelings. Thank you all for following along, and thank you to Elaine for showing  us around her gorgeous home. Follow along on Instagram at @lana_gto for more.