Cane-Backed Settee ||2017 Flip List Item No.5||


This warm weather has been singing my SONG!  I'm sitting on our balcony as I write this and am positively loving how sticky my hands feel in the 81 degree humidity.  I've been out here for hours sipping wine and working on this next installation in the 2017 Flip List:

Item No.5: Play with Leather

(No not like that)


When I set out to play with leather, I wasn't talking 50 Shades of Grey here (but I dare you to raise your hand if you went there.  Jk).  I've used leather in projects before (see this 2015 and this 2016 Furniture Flip Bucket List post) but working with leather or a leather-like fabric on a large scale intimidates me.  They can be difficult to manipulate but when done properly they are beautiful!


So when I set out to find the perfect material for this project, I ended up coming home with some high-end distressed pleather.  As much as I wanted to use real leather, I couldn't find (or even afford for that matter) the amount I needed.  But the pleather ended up being a nice way to easy myself into project - and the end result still very beautiful. 


When I bought the original bench, it was covered in a very traditional, very unfortunate fabric.  And it was infested with cat hair.


I spent more than I normally would on a raw piece I planned to modify, but that cane was in impeccable condition and I really like the clean lines. 


If you know me and Chelsea, you know we are always down for a good camel leather.  And believe me, I was tempted to recover this baby with a dreamy caramel color.  But I was worried it would get lost against the warm wood tone.  So I chose black as an edgier alternative.  Plus, as Chelsea and I believe, leather is totally a neutral.  And black goes with everything.  Yes it's a strong contrast and a tad masculine in color scheme but it is still balanced by it's inherently feminine details!


The dainty cane allows the piece to "breathe" as Chelsea would say and not feel like a heavy  item in the room. 


Each corner of the frame even has a little antique brass floral nail head.


This project was also a level up in my upholstery game because this was my first time using piping - which ended up being easier than I thought I'm happy to say!


To style this beauty, I pulled some of my eclectic art collection and hung them above to create a neutral palette gallery wall.


And of course I had to sneak my kilim pillow children into the shoot too.


I'm already feeling more confident to tackle a true leather piece but in the meantime, I am still crossing this one of my 2017 list.


Black + Wood Cane-Backed Settee
Now Available for Sale

If you are interest in this piece or a custom order like it, please email me at


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Reader Design: Courtney's Airy Loft

I think Winter is playing a trick on us, and I don't know how to process it. DC was warm enough for an evening walk last night, and my friend in Boston went coatless on her way home from work. Do you hear me!? Coatless in Boston in January!!  

Ok, enough complaining. Today we're exploring Courtney's airy Rhode Island life, which is completely versatile for every season, photographed by the talented Joyelle West.

Courtney, her husband Brandon, and their cat Oliver share this space that expertly mixes bohemian, mid-century modern, and rustic styles. 

From Courtney:

Our apartment creates a true reflection of us. We wanted it to feel honest and homey with a mix of stylish and functional pieces. I don’t bring anything into the apartment that I don’t absolutely love. Our core pieces are all favorites and we hope to live with them for years to come!

One of those core pieces is the dining room table. Courtney's dad built this beauty using hairpin legs Courtney purchased on Etsy and a raw tabletop made from a large plank of wood.

But key message here: sticking with the tried & true things you love does not mean your style becomes stagnant. In Courtney's case, she still leaves plenty of room to be inspired by the places she goes, people she meets, or even trends that permeate everything we see online. 

I always struggle with my place being too trendy. I love marble, pineapples, macrame, mudcloth, rattan, and brass as much as the next person but I try to bring those elements in small doses. They’re a way to make a statement without the investment.

Speaking of rattan... take a moment to absorb Courtney's expert incorporation. That hutch piece is to. die. for. 

The expert pairing of calm design and showstopping pieces continues in the bedroom. Courtney commutes to Boston for her day job, and this room is the perfect place to collapse after a long day. In the bed... or that chair... THAT CHAIR!! 


It's my duty to tell you all that Courtney got that chair from a friend for free. I'm sorry for any feelings of jealousy this fact is now leaving you with... 

Courtney, way to rock every single corner, nook, and wall of your 900 square foot space. You are a master! 

Follow Courtney along on Instagram or on her blog! You can also see more of Joyelle West's amazing photography here and here

See you next week,