Garage Game's Pics: Hold onto your socks!

Hi there! Well, the Olympic Games and Garage Games are almost half way through and what a first half it's been! I am enrolling this one in gymnastics asap! The basement sofa has been doubling as gym apparatus by which she leaps, flies and 'tumbles' from.

Shire isn't the only inspired girl around here. I have had a blast looking through the photos you have been sending for our Garage Games! If this is your first time visiting my blog, Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by - you're just in time! I'm doing our very own Garage Games right here on the blog over the weeks spanning the Olympics and asking anyone and everyone to email me, (, at least one photo of a home decor piece/project/craft/room that is reflective of their style and personality. It can be anything you want so long as it represents you. I will post the photos right here on the blog as they come in as a fun way of sharing our creativity and inspiring one another. At the end of the two weeks we will do a random drawing of all the people who submit photos for a chance to win a piece of jewelry from my jewelry box clean-out! I love accessorizing and have 14 fun pieces that have served me well for several years now, but alas, it's time to change things up and pass them on! So, please don't hesitate to submit your photo(s); you never know who you'll inspire and you could get a cool piece of jewelry out of it! See this post if you'd like more details and a peek at the jewelry pieces! Photos will be accepted until Sunday August 12, (closing ceremonies day for the Olympics).

Today, you are in for a treat! This girl is my hero. She and her hubby bought just the perfectly imperfect house to transform into the home they wanted. Her use of color and pattern is brilliant, (always has been), and her style is branded by the encouraging words that are printed in the most clever ways throughout her home. They put their own hard work into these renos - and they have 4 young {beautiful} kiddos! Like I said. Hero.

{Half Bath Before}

{Half Bath After}
"When we moved in this bathroom was terrible- the wallpaper alone was enough to make me leave and never come back. We put hardwood in the entire downstairs, so it made sense to contine it in the bathroom. I wanted a pedestal sink, but because of the plumbing, this was the only kind of sink I could have (big bummer, but it turned out ok.) The bead board on the walls serves 2 purposes: it is pretty, but it is also covering up a multitude of sins- remember those fiberglass towel and toilet paper holders? You have to get those suckers out with a hammer. :)" -SB

{Laundry Room Before}

{Laundry Room After}

{Kitchen Before}

{Kitchen After}
" I have always wanted to do a kitchen remodel and was excited when we started this adventure. I never have had a problem making choices and always know just what I want, however I must say that the decisions for very overwhelming. I was excited about the easy ones, but by the time I was deciding where I wanted electrical sockets I was totally annoyed- it seems I am a big picture person more than a detail person. Anyway, I knew I wanted white cabinets, chrome hardware, and a farmhouse table. I also read some good advice in a design magazine that said don't go budget on everything and at the same time, don't spend big money on everything- pick 3 things to splurge on. So I choose to splure on my sink, my lights, and the appliances.  This house is old- built in the 60's- and I wanted to keep with the "old" style while having something new. I also knew I wanted it open and airy,
and room for all my babies to gather around the big table." -SB

{Living Room Before}

{Living Room After}
"This room was a huge transformation, mainly because it was closed up and covered in paneling when we moved in. We painted the paneling, opened the wall, and painted the fireplace and doors. This room went from a dark hole to a cozy, light room- I love the transformation."

 Somebody, call HGTV.:) Thank you, SB, for sharing the fruit of your blood sweat and tears. I know all the good moments and memories in this new home will more than pay off the work that went in. Well done!

Tomorrow will feature two sweet young mommas who's beautiful home decor reflects their beautiful hearts. 10 days left to submit your photos for the Garage Games!

Thanks for popping in!