Creamy paint + Distressed leather {Fall inspired}

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So sorry, (not really), to bring it up again, but I've got to talk about the undeniable spark of inspiration that Fall brings. All over social media, television, and magazines in the newsstands, the fashionistas are hitting hard with all the upcoming trends for this Fall. Predictions seem to be heavy in soft, creamy knits paired with various shades of leather. Inspiring? Indeed! But why limit these delicious pairings to fashion? 

Such a cozy thought with an edgy twist must have a place in the home, too.

A piece like this works for almost any décor out there, and better yet, is an easy look to replicate!

This piece one start off so cozy but it sure was a tight ride bringing it home with the crew! (best crew around!)

Photo: This is the BEST thrifting crew in the biz, right here! One marvelous mid century piece is coming soon!

This transformation was relatively simple and required two supplies:

Old White Chalk Paint, (check here to find who stocks it closest to you or for ordering info), which I painted on in two solid coats, followed by a single layer of clear wax. I did not distress this piece, but rather left some areas along the sides and top surface a little thinner with the paint, (rather than full, complete coverage). This achieves a warm, weathered look without quite going all the way down to the wood. 

 And I used one leather belt to make drawer pulls.

To make drawer pulls out of a leather belt, you first need to figure out how long each pull must be based on the distance between your pre-existing holes, (if you don't want to fill those and drill new ones). The last time I did this, I had all the pulls horizontal and screwed in like handles, (piece painted in Chateau Grey mixed equal parts with Old White):

With today's piece I wanted to try something a little different and make tab pulls on the middle drawers. 

Don’t ever be afraid to get creative and test new ideas. If you don’t end up liking something, you can (almost) always switch it out; that’s the beauty of DIY projects! For this piece, 

I cut 6 x 6" strips of the leather belt, folded them in half, (matching the ends together), and used a drill with a larger bit to screw a hole into the leather. Then I used screws just slightly larger than the hole size and screwed the leather pulls right into the original holes. Finally, I secured the screws from behind the drawer fronts with the appropriate size nuts.

On the cabinet doors I used the pre-existing holes as well. I just measured what was left of the belt, cut it in half, and drilled the holes into the leather just like I did with the tab pulls. I wanted the leather straps to bow out a bit for easy gripping, so I made sure the length of the leather was a couple inches longer than the distance between the holes.

Piece now available for sale
58"L x 32.25"H x 19.25"D

Please contact me if interested!

I love transferring inspiration from all elements of design, (fashion, graphic, architectural, etc), into the home. It's completely possible to decorate how you dress, if you so desire! As I type this I'm looking down at my paint splattered leggings and baggy tank; it may be better for some not to decorate how they dress. ;) But on a serious note, if you’re not sure what your own style looks like yet, start looking around the web, in magazines, books, and even the world around you for home décor inspiration. Pinterest is a great starting point, and has lots of DIY inspiration for big and small projects. If you want to start small, photos are a great way to instantly freshen up your home. Resources like Shutterfly have fun options for printing and displaying a cute gallery wall, or just some simple wall art!

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5 tips for picking the right hardware, {or making your own}

Hi guys! I just couldn't talk about choosing the right paint color for your piece, (see yesterday's post), without bringing up hardware. It's like accessorizing! Accessorizing...I used to accessorize in my previous life, BC, (before children). Anyways, I believe it's just as essential to choose the right hardware for your piece as it is the right color prior to refinishing. Here are some options!

1. Keep the original:

This is the easiest option, and sometimes the best! Whether the piece has such unique and specific hardware that you can't or don't want to replace it, or you're simply content with the hardware as-is, this option is fuss free and can be a beautiful choice.

2. Spray-paint the original hardware:

If you like the style of the hardware, but not the finish, just remove the hardware and lay it on a flat sheet of cardboard, shake a can of spray paint, and spray an even coat over all your pieces, (don't forget door hinges, too, if you have any). You don't even have to choose a flat color; there are various metallic spray paints available, too!

3. Paint the original hardware:

For a warm and cozy monochromatic look, you can also paint your hardware the same color as the piece. This is a popular choice with those wanting a vintage, french-country look.

4. Make your own:

Sometimes it's worth thinking outside of the box and using materials you have at home in place of hardware! Scrap fabric, leather belts, and sisal rope are a few materials I've used in place of hardware before. The great thing about trying this option is you can use the existing hardware holes rather than having to create new ones!

5. Buy brand-spankin new:

Sometimes you gotta take the plunge and it's totally worth it to do so. That happens. Just make sure to compare prices so you're finding the best deal. There are sources online that offer fantastic but inexpensive hardware. I've used ATG Stores online and Ebay, primarily.

If you've got more hardware ideas you'd like to share, (or fabulous sources for finding inexpensive hardware), please fill us in in a comment below! 

Thank you for stopping by!


This post was published under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.