2 colors = twice the fun!

Hello, hello! I just wanted to pop in for a moment and show you this TV console that I just finished yesterday. Here is a before photo:
Beautiful, right?! Such a solid and gorgeous piece to work with! Per request from client K it was first given a coat of Duck Egg blue, (by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), and then a top coat of Paris Gray, (also by ASCP). After the top coat went on, I took a sanding block and rubbed the whole thing down, not enough to distress it, but enough to remove some of the Paris Gray and allow the Duck Egg to peek through. The contrast, though subtle, is absolutely stunning! My camera is not high tech enough to capture such subtle contrasts so you'll have to take my word for it ;) Then, I just used the sanding block gently around some of the edges of the piece and gave it a light distressed look.

Finished product:
(click on photos to view larger)

The next few are some close ups where I tried to capture the Duck Egg underneath:

What a privilege it was to work on such a beautiful piece! Definitely one of my favorite transformations thus far. And, I learned how stunning a subtle contrast in color can be! You don't always have to have 2 very contrasting colors to make a statement. Wonderful choice, K!

Thank you for popping by and have a wonderful day!


Please, have a seat!

Hi Friends! Well, despite a delay in my dining seating order, (my client and I just haven't found the *right* chairs for her dining room yet), I've still been busy with some chairs this week! Since selling the Chunky Chair from this post I have had several requests for more like it! I found a great deal for 4 wooden chairs earlier in the week and did two of them in the 'Duck Egg' aqua color. They're a very different style from the previous 'Chunky Chair', but these have some really cool details that make them so unique! After the paint went on I distressed and sealed both in clear wax.

Pair a' Chairs
(click on photos to view larger)

I also had a request from the lovely woman who bought the Sweet Aqua Chair from this post for one in 'barn red', (she's a photographer, how cool!). Whether she's still interested or not it was so much fun to work with such a vibrant color! Definitely a step away from my cooler grays, aquas and whites!

Rustic Charm Chair
(click on photos to view larger)

Before these chairs are claimed maybe I'll sit down and kick my feet up!....oh wait, my kids are up from their naps. Some other day ;)


A newfound love in 'Duck Egg'

Hey there! I've been starting to get some technique questions and was thinking about addressing all of them in one post sometime soon, but one popular one that I thought I would bring up today is how do I pick my paint color/decide what color to paint which pieces? Here's the thing: I am definitely not a person who collects sample after sample of various shades of the same color. I usually go to the paint store with a specific color in mind and scan the rainbow of swatches until I see it. Perhaps it's because I always have 3 little ones in tow and do not have the time to stand there and compare, but I rarely pick up any more swatches once I've found 'The One'. Colors that catch my eye tend to be very earthy; in fact, here are some of the paint names in the Garage: Coral Reef, Sandstone, Duck Egg, Bayou, Pebble Beach, Cumberland Fog, and Spring Mint. At the moment the Garage is full of over a dozen pieces all ready for this Saturday's sale, and I have each of the above colors represented somewhere in the collection. I absolutely love how the entire group of pieces look together! So many shades of gray, tan, cream, aqua, green, blue..it looks like a cohesive group simply because they're all very earthy tones. I love how you can mix and match natural colors in the home. You don't look outside and think the trees clash with the grass and the sky....so if you have earthy colors in your home, you can really do anything you want! And 'earthy' doesn't have to mean dull or lacking bright colors... Why not have an aqua end table with coral throw pillows and a foggy gray coffee table? Nature works so well inside the home! I know not everyone has the same taste, and thank goodness for that! I love walking into homes and seeing how people show their own personality and individuality through their decor and use of color.

Ok, enough chit chat, (and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me)! One of my new favorite colors to use is Annie Sloan's 'Duck Egg' chalk paint. Such a FUN color! It's saturated enough that you could use it year round, mixing it up with golds, dark greens, burnt orange and eggplant purples in the fall and winter, or lighter peaches, corals, grays and tans in the spring and summer.
 Here is a beautiful side table with dental wood trim, fresh from it's 'Duck Egg' makeover:

(29.5d x 22w x 23.5h)
~available for sale~

Here is a chunky wooden chair which had originally been painted forest green on the backrest and legs. I just painted right over the green in 'Duck Egg' and then distressed it enough to see some hits of green here and there on the piece:

(17.5w x 17.25d x 37h)
~available for sale~

The last piece before the sale on Saturday is a cute little headboard that is in the Garage drying from it's fresh coat of....you guessed it, Duck Egg :)

If you are interested in coming by on Saturday contact me and I will send you the address. I hope you have a fantastic finish to your week!