Dining room mood board

Well! So much for lazy, summer days...my feet are hot from chasing around my kids and working on projects when they're asleep! Aside from several recently dropped off custom orders, Matt and I also have some home projects going on. Some big, (I'm an eighth the way done with painting our kitchen cabinets. An eighth people. After a month.), and some not as big.

We've recently had some discussions about redirecting some areas of our home closer to what our style truly is. I think it is hard to stay true to ones style when you're making some living off of painting furniture. The feel of painted, distressed furniture tends to lend itself to a cozy, cottage-y style. I love painted, distressed, rustic looking furniture. But I think for us, pieces like that look best when surrounded by slightly more modern, industrial elements.

We have been chipping away at achieving that balance in our home and have made our next stop at our dining room:

I don't hate this; in fact, I think the various elements going on here are individually beautiful! Together, they just don't represent who we are very well. So, we're selling it all. The distressed cream pedestal table, 6 matching chairs, (you can see one in the corner in the picture, the rest are in protected storage), and the 4 solid oak chairs. Whew!   If you are interested, please contact me!  Alas, we've been dreaming up what our ideal dining room would be within our budget, (and we're hoping that the profit from the current dining set covers most of it)! And since I just figured out how to create a mood board, I just couldn't resist...

(I love Picasa for creating mood boards - for anyone interested in trying it out!)

The breakdown:
China cabinet that I refinished last year in Duck Egg - currently in our dining room and staying!

Garner Extension dining table from World Market

Reidar black metal chair from IKEA

Refresh all the frames on the gallery wall in glossy white, (sorry so fuzzy!?)

Spray paint our current chandelier in flat black, (similar style to this one)

Repaint under the chair rail in a French Linen latex color match

And that's it!

No telling when this project will be complete but it's fun to have the final look organized. I'm looking forward to some of the simpler projects within the vision that I can work on until the table and chairs switcharoo is complete.

Thank you for reading!


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