Faux Pull-Down Chart - Under $10

Cate here.  I've been MIA since June because I was on vacation with Caleb, Chelsea & the rest of the fam followed by an epic week of Young Life camp. 

Caleb is currently on staff with Capernaum {the Special Needs ministry branch of Young Life} which means I got to spend a whole week bunking, laughing, stretching, and adventuring with as well as delighting in these lovely ladies.  Good times were had by ALL!  If you've never been to a Young Life camp I highly suggest you find a way to go.  It's not at all like the grimy outhouse and rainy campsites of my childhood.  Our little group got to go tubing, climb on a ropes course, and eat a giant cookie for dessert.  Awesome right?  And after such a great couple of weeks, I'm even more pumped to share with you all this week's guest post!

Ok.  So.  I've been seeing a lot of chatter about engineer prints on pinterest lately.  If you haven't heard, engineer prints are made on industrial printers typically associated with architecture and engineering plans.  They are printed in black and white on GIANT paper.  So what's the big deal right?  Well.  Rumor has it they are only $7 to have made at your local copy center.  BOOM!  $7 bucks for a 3ft x 4ft piece of potential wall art. Not bad right?  Well I was still skeptical.  

Often times I can get pumped about a new, intriguing project only to have the fun sucked out of it by a disappointing outcome when I DI-try it.  But I am happy to report this is NOT one of those cases:

To get my trial run started, I needed to find something to have printed.  So I made a wish to The Graphics Fairy and she happily granted with a FREE equestrian-themed printable


The thing about engineer prints is they only print in black and white.  So I was careful to chose a print that was meant to be that way and went to Staples with the 8.5x11 pdf on a thumbdrive.  I was skeptical of the printing quality since I was attempting to blow up the document to such a large size, but as my luck would have it Staples was having a sale - 24" x 36" engineer prints for $3.  Figured it was a good enough price to pay for a test run.  And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the image.

 Now that I had my giant engineer print, I need a way to hang it up.  Buying a giant frame to fit it kind of defeated the purpose of such a cheap print.  So I consulted pinterest for more ideas and found these gems (pun intended ;)

{Source 1: Apartment Therapy}  {Source 2: Curious Prints}

{Source 3&4: Mighty Vintage}

I was going to make my print into a faux pull-down chart!  

I swung by the hardware store and found some cheap, simple molding for about $0.79 a foot.  I cut it into four pieces 24" in length at the complimentary cutting station in the molding aisle.  Don't be intimidated to use a hand saw at one of these stations - molding is soft and cuts easily.  But I'm sure you can always ask one of the employees to help if needed.  {Side note: after I did this project I even found that some home improvement stores sell craft wood in a nearby aisle that are already cut to 24" or 36" in length.  Even better!} 

Complete recap of materials needed: 
Engineer Print {24" x 36"} 
4 pieces of molding cut 24" each 
Staple Gun, loaded

Materials now gathered, it was time to assemble.  I lined up the top of the print and stapled it front-side-up along the molding.

Then I sandwiched the print between another cut piece of molding on top and stapled the sides in a cross pattern.  I suppose I could have glued it too, but this has been holding fast for a couple weeks now.  I did the same to the bottom of the print with the remaining two pieces of 24" molding.

To get it ready to hang, I measured and cut a the length of twine I needed and tied the ends - stapling it onto the back of either end of the top pieces of molding and right above the knot.

Viola!  Giant wall art for just under $10 {$3 for the print + $6.32 for the molding}.

I'd say it's a pinterest win instead of a pinterest fail!

Happy Wednesday,


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Statement Wall... In a Bathroom?

It's just a bathroom - why bother?  Well I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy hanging out in unhappy places and the bathroom is just one of those spots you end up spending more of your day in than you'd think.  Thus after many weeks of using a sad and dreary toilet nook, I realized it needed sprucing or I'd be at risk of a permanent depression.  I didn't want to break the bank and I didn't want to hang anything irreplaceable that might succumb to steamy shower damage so naturally I started with IKEA.  

Here's my {not-so} secret formula: IKEA frames + FREE downloaded Art = affordable statement wall!

All of the prints were downloaded {FOR FREE} and printed at our local staples for about 50¢ a page.  We don't have a home printer, but let's face it: even if we did, quality of ink, the image resolution, and the color vibrancy is way better on those industrial copy machines.  If over time the art suffers from excess moisture, then I can always print more and replace!

The "Plumes" printable was one of my favorites.  You can get these prints and more from Graphics Fairy.

I liked the look of Chelsea's all-white dining room gallery wall {found here on her Gallery Wall Refresh post from last winter} so I kept my shopping monochromatic.  Some frames were rather large and unusual sizes to mat to letter-sized paper so I tore the trim off the printed pdf to get a more authentic "vintage print" look than the factory-edge paper.  I mounted it on some kraft wrapping paper I cut to fit the frame: giving my all-white frames some textural interest.

{ok, let's break it down}

11.75x15.75 {8x10 mat} - $10
8x10 {5x7 mat} - $5ea
2 4x6 {3x4 mat} - $2ea

13.5x17.25 - $4ea
8.7x11 {Document Frame} - $2ea
{pack of 2}  5x7 - $4 

11.75x15.75 {8x10 mat} - $8
4x6 {3x5 mat} - $2

8x10 {5x7 mat} - $7
4x6 {3x5 mat} - $4

All for a grand total of $65!

The pair of gold 3D art are simply two thrift store frames hung around floating objects.
{The top one is actually a gold broach in the shape of a feather.}

Here's a quick look at the rest of the bathroom.  As you can see I hung two more framed prints by the sink.

My {NEW} Happy Place!

What's your happy place?


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