Where flowers bloom, so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson

Hi guys! I am so excited about today's post because it was a simple project that was so much fun for me; I hope it inspires you to give it a try as well!

Thanks to my wonderful mom-in-law, I am a lucky subscriber to the HGTV magazine. While flipping through the most recent issue, I came to an article titled Grocery Store Flower Challenge:

 In case you can't read the above description under the title of the article: 

"We sent 10 HGTV stars to the supermarket to pick their favorite blooms and arrange them in a creative container. Everything came up roses - and tulips, lilies, and more!"

{Here are the arrangements they made}

{I appreciate that this designer used produce for her arrangement!}

 {Interesting spin on arranging Spider mums}

Since I had my grocery list all filled out and ready for a trip to the store today, I thought this would be a really great way to add a little fun to my typical grocery run. And by the way, I do my grocery shopping at Walmart, and it IS one of my least favorite chores, (probably because I go to Walmart). Walmart does not have a nicely arranged floral department the way a lot of grocery stores do near the front. They have a single flower table, about 4ft in diameter, piled with buckets of simple, small, cheap flowers. This would definitely be a challenge. 

And here's what I came up with! A mix of white carnations and astramaris, (I think??), bundled full and tight.

Even the container itself is from the grocery store! I loved this tissue box with the warm gray background and aqua and white pattern. After depleting our supply of tissues I held onto this box thinking it might come in handy for something. I just cut out the bottom and stuck a cup of water inside to hold my arrangement. Easy! 

Thanks, Angel Soft! :)

Challenge met!

And speaking of blooms, my Walmart arrangement might soon be joined by our mysterious spring buds we noticed popping up in our garden Christmas Day. Now that we brought them inside where it's warm they have shot up! Hoping to see a little bloom any day now. We're guessing daffodils.:)

So, what do you think? Wouldn't this little challenge make your next dull grocery run a bit more exciting?! At least it made mine the good kind of exciting. With 3 tots plus rain, it was destined to be 'exciting' anyway ;) Thanks to the HGTV magazine for the idea!

Thank you for reading!


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