Dine out with Ikea! (plus a sale date announced)

It is technically not even spring yet, but if you're in the market to do some outdoor furnishing we are approaching the time to shop! Stores will soon stock their new outdoor selections and if you wait too long you may miss out on first picks.

At this time a year ago my husband and I had a brand new deck to furnish and we just weren't having any luck finding anything we really liked. We were very excited to have built our deck within budget but there was little money left for furniture. Even looking at bargain stores and various resources for used sets, we could not find anything that was our taste for a reasonable price. So when we discovered Ikea's hip and inexpensive selection of outdoor furnishings we were on cloud 9! Our vision was to have some color and to sort of mix and match a set of our own. I posted about our mix-matched Ikea set last April and, according to blog stats, that post has been one popular Chelsea's Garage read lately! So, I figured this is a perfect time do a follow up of what Ikea has coming in this season!

Here are some of my favorite picks from what Ikea is offering this year for outdoor furnishing; specifically chairs. I could spend many a warm summer evening lounging in any one of these:

Roxo chair, $20, also available in gray or white: (we have these in yellow, which they do not appear to be offering this year)

A favorite because:I really like the clean lines, the fact that they're easy to wipe clean, stackable, and I love snap of color they add to the table!

Hasselon armchair, $45

A favorite because: This chair has a nautical swag that is so appealing! The crisp white with the natural wood armrests is so fresh and chic. It's a simple shape but this chair hardly blends in. 

Vasman armchair, $39.99

A favorite because: As a born fidgeter I love chairs with a bit of movement. I'd be bouncing all evening long in this seat! It's a funky chair. Why not?!? 

Hogsten armchair, $79.99

A favorite because: It's like a modern twist on wicker!!! I absolutely love the design; even if it's a completely different style from what's inside your home, the crisp white keeps it from going too far. Love this!

Haro folding chair, $14.99, also available in blue or white

A favorite because: For fifteen bucks each you can have an edgy punch of color around your outdoor table! Outdoor dining chairs don't need to be fancy so have some fun with it! They're easy to wipe clean, easy to store, and are available in multiple colors; what's not to like?!

*Ikea will have their first shipment of outdoor furniture available the first week in April. After that they will get only one more partial shipment, so the early bird really gets the worm!

 Let me show you what we put together a year ago:

Falster table and armchairs + 4 yellow Roxo chairs = Our very own original set!

The woven yellow striped rug by the door was another Ikea score for a mere $5, (and was available in basically all the primary colors)


The next Chelsea's Garage sale is officially set for 

Saturday May 4

Location in Herndon, VA (contact me at chelseasgarage@gmail.com for address)

I sure hope to see you then!

Thank you for stopping by!


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