Chunky, rustic chair

Happy Friday, yo. 

Rounding out our week is a chair that was dropped off recently with a pretty cool request; to refinish it similarly to how I did this large 6-drawer dresser last week. Oh, the pressure! 

With no particular plan in mind, I tried some different things - some which worked, some which didn't. The end result, however, nails the vision beautifully.

I just love me a solid, chunky chair! {The accent table is available for sale}

The low down:
-I used Old White by Annie Sloan chalk paint to cover the entire piece, except for the armrests
-The armrests I gave a good sand using 120 grit sandpaper
-I distressed the entire piece using steel wool - an excellent tool for curvy legs and spindles
-After distressing, I went over the entire piece with a whitewash, just to soften the distressed areas, which seemed too harsh. I dipped the end of my brush in water, shook it out, then dipped very slightly in the Old White paint, and then brushed the wash on. This makes the wood look weathered and bleached, like its been sitting outside in the sun.
-I finished by sealing the piece in soft clear wax, (over the painted portion), and Polyurethane clear semi-gloss, (covering the armrests).

And because it's Friday I wanted to throw in a highlight from my week: Finding Colin's hospital bracelet! When redoing Shire's room I switched her dresser, which meant her old one got the boot. When I was cleaning it out right before it's new owner came to pick it up, I found this tiny hospital bracelet! Shire's is in a folder but I couldn't find Colin's. The twins were born premature at 34 weeks and were 4lbs 1oz and 4lbs 13oz. Colin was the heavier one, but holding his tiny hospital bracelet in my hand reminded me just how itty bitty they were. I say bracelet, but they were actually worn on their ankles during the 3+ week stay in the NICU.

Thank you for reading and have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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