Life Happening: Our week in pictures

True story: This past week I asked a friend how her recent getaway was with her husband. She looked confused. I explained that she had told me she and her husband were going to Europe together and I had looked forward to hearing about it. She very sweetly told me that trip was last September. 

I'm a horrible person!

That aside, this last year has flown by. There is nothing I can do about slowing time down, but I can slow myself down. I'd love to use Friday's to just recap our week here, more for my sake than anything! It's been fun the last couple weeks to sort through some of my favorite captured moments and document them here. Aren't we spoiled in this era of uber easy/convenient technology?! But hey, who am I to turn down a little easy and convenient these days :)

This week...

Nap with my baby

Summer ready toes

Watching Daddy play baseball over a pb&j picnic...

...then playin it off behind the bleachers

Home and garden

Pigtail messybuns

Watching Shire's hanging butterflies dance under the ceiling, (by pointing a fan on them...magic to a 3yr old!)

And believe it or not my Love agreed to marry me the day after my birthday - this weekend we will celebrate both! Looking forward to some "Chillin' and BBQ Grillin'" - say the awesome napkins I got from Target :)

Have a great weekend!


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.

Life happening: Our week in pictures

I can't wait to start the Early Stages of Decorating series with you on Monday! I've been working on the entire series throughout the past week, putting the whole thing together as my train of thought was on a roll. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that it's a helpful resource for you!

It was somewhat of a week off from painting as I just worked on one custom order containing two small pieces for a sweet client. Other than that, our week looked a little like this...

This one started with a fever...

...but it didn't last long.

This one met the boy-girl twins that I was given when I was five years old. (They actually have all their anatomy...)

Foreshadowing her life as well perhaps?

Finding my boys' matchbox cars slipped under their door during "nap time".

And catching their fingers reaching out trying to get them back.

Breakfasts outside!

And a couple fun opportunities to go meet friends, sans kids!

Anyone else keeping their hair in a permanent messy-bun from now until October? Virginia humidity is killer!

Happy weekend :)


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.

P.S. I want to clarify something really quick, (not because anyone brought it up...I just want to) - when I mentioned yesterday at the beginning of the post that I felt like our space looked like an arts and crafts project with lots of painted pieces and DIY projects, I did not mean that I purged of all those things or that DIY projects = poor style or taste. We still have four large pieces that I painted just for our home on our main level, not including all the frames I painted for our gallery wall, (dining room), and the lamps I painted black for a more industrial feel. I also refinished the wooden bakers rack between our living room windows, made the coat rack of recycled silver spoons, updated hardware on a few unpainted pieces, dyed the curtains in our kitchen, made a book page wreath that hangs by our front door, and other smaller touches. I am all for DIY home accents. I just think some of my particular projects weren't reflecting our style, (a decoupaged vase, wallpaper on our chandelier, hanging light fixtures that were improperly hung - stuff like that). I hope my remark didn't give any wrong impressions, but if it did, now you know; I love working with my own two hands on things for our home and if I had all the money in the world, I don't think I'd be doing any different. :)