Paris Grey sideboard

Happy Friday!

It was my recent good fortune to find this mighty sideboard while out thrifting with my brother's girlfriend, Cate. Our cart and arms were full as we were about to step in line, but then I made a beeline across the room as soon as I spotted this piece. Sideboards such as this might be one of my favorite furniture types to refinish. They are so versatile and among my most highly requested. After a bit of inspection I mentally checked off all my requirements; sturdy, functional, beautiful/unique detailing, and affordable. Done deal :)

The detailing on the doors of this piece inspired me to go with Paris Grey by ASCP. Though a large and substantial piece, the details give it an air of elegance and romance that I wanted to hype up with a soft and airy hue.

New again

 I have always enjoyed the contrast of a soft grey and cream together. I decided to use Country Grey, (which really is more of a lovely cream, also by ASCP), along the edges of the cabinet doors for a subtle differentiation.

Putting together these small vignettes are really too much fun for me. This little exertion of creativity is a welcome contrast to changing diapers and scraping food stuck in the crevices of our dining table :) The silvery string was a last touch - and totally unnecessary - but I like things a little off beat.

So there ya have it! This piece will be available at the next Chelsea's Garage sale! Date TBD.

The low-down on this piece is pretty simple:

-2 coats Paris Grey

-Taped the inside and outside of the doors and painted one thin coat of Country Grey along the door edges

-Used a fine sanding block and steel wool to distress

-2 coats of clear wax on the top surface, 1 coat over the rest of the body.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

Speaking of weekend.....The Reston 10 miler is on Sunday! The race and the distance are really nothing important; what's important is the cause. I am running to bring awareness to an awesome foundation called AHOPE for Children. In short, AHOPE rescues and cares for the wee ones of Ethiopia who have the least amount of hope; the precious orphans affected by HIV. Every little bit can help make a difference for this incredible ministry that relies on support to care for the growing number of children they are taking in. Besides providing medical treatment, AHOPE also educates their children so they may be productive, successful adults in their country. How cool is that?! If you have any interest in either a one time or monthly donation to AHOPE for Children, please visit my fundraiser, (below), Running for AHOPE, or see their website here and follow the Donate Now instructions. 


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