Fresh IKEA hack, (without using paint)!

Hi friends! There are few things that motivate me like a good challenge. When PopSugar Select Home

asked for submissions of brand new IKEA hacks, I knew I wanted to try something a little different. I'm so excited to share this idea which they've selected to feature here along with a handful of other creative hacks! (And since this post, I also hacked two of IKEA'S ever popular Jennylund chairs - they went totally mid-century modern - check them out here!)

Decoupaged IKEA Bror chairs!

Want a fresh transformation that doesn't require popping open a can of paint? Today I'm excited share a brand new IKEA hack using the most gorgeous paper and a couple of plain IKEA Bror chairs. The technique? Decoupage with Mod Podge, (yup, that's just as fun to say as you might guess)! The art of decoupage, (gluing cut-out bits of colored paper onto objects), has been around for many centuries, and there's a reason it's still popular today! It's inexpensive, easy to do, and the sky is the limit with what you can do!

Now, painting furniture is another fantastic way to achieve dramatic transformation. However, sometimes painting furniture can be intimidating, (and the supplies can be expensive). And other times, paint simply doesn't do the trick. Such was the case with this pair of IKEA Bror chairs. The legs on these chairs were initially painted in a soft, chippy grey. Pretty, but it was a rather dull disappointment. Certainly not the fresh update that these chairs were begging for!

So, after a quick trip to Paper Source to pick up some pretty paper, (I chose the  Yuzen Cherry Branch  pattern), and then to Michaels for a small bottle of Mod Podge, (I chose the Hard Coat in the purple bottle), I set out to really transform these Bror chairs.

Here is the small list of the supplies I used:
Paper of choice
Hard Coat Mod Podge
Small paint brush
Paper towel, (to lay my cut-outs on while applying the glue)

The steps for this project were very simple:

1. Cut the paper into rectangular strips, ranging in size from 2" - 4"

2. Lay each strip face down on the paper towel, dipped the brush in the Mod Podge, and applied a liberal amount onto the back of the strip, (do this one strip at a time).

3. Line the strip up to where you want it to be applied, and run your fingers across it so that it adheres to the surface.

4. Smooth out any 'bubbles' in the paper with your fingers for a nice, smooth finish.

Now this pair is echoing the blooming outdoors with their blossoming legs!

Using a paper with a smaller pattern helps create a more cohesive look across the finished product.

So there you have it! A fresh and sweet update for the IKEA Bror chair! 

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More is more when you're under 4!

This week we got our craft on around here! I know I like to post a lot of DIY projects that I do around our home, but those are different to me than doing crafts. I don't consider the work I put into home decorating as  doing crafts anymore than one of the designers at, say, Restoration Hardware. I'm not comparing the quality of my work to RH, but 1) I am very inspired by their style and 2) I cannot justify paying their prices at this point in my life. So, I do what I can with what I have and aim for that cozy, elegant, rustic vibe they've got going on.

Crafting is different. Crafting with three little ones is a whole other business entirely. And it. is. awesome. My boy-girl twins are 3.5yrs old and for a while now have enjoyed time coloring and with play dough. But, their imaginations have exploded and I've been trying to think up clever ways for them to use their creativity at home. Last week I found a super fun craft at In the Fun Lane: a Spring/Easter tree! I just had to walk out our back door to find a plethora of perfect twigs and branches. We already had the planter, I had 3 bags full of scrap fabric and yarn, and we found a few more goodies lying around the house and at the dollar store. This whole project cost around $3 and it occupied my kids for almost 2 hours. Best $3 ever spent!!!

Here's our creation!

Look at all that hot mess....I love it!!!

The birdhouse was a dollar store find that Colin picked out and I spray painted white. 

The styrofoam eggs drizzled with color were another dollar store treat that the kids picked out, (from a few options I showed them)

These tiny disco ball beads were from a necklace of Shire's that broke, (by her little brother's hands). I strung them through wire ornament hooks so they could be hung anywhere on our tree.

The gold beaded garland was also found at the dollar store. After stringing some of it around our branches I just let the rest gather in the pot to make a little nest for my 3 eggs; representing our 3 little ones.

Even my youngest, Mason, (who will be 2yrs old in less than a week), contributed, (see the floor):

He wrapped that yarn 3 times around the wall! What a stinker!

The system that worked for us in making the tree was for me to do all the cutting and gluing and the kids would decide which fabric and yarn was going to go where. They wanted it alllllll covered. It was fun! Not a decorative piece I will leave up year round, but for the colorful upcoming season I think it's perfect :)

I still had a ton of scrap fabric left that I had already cut into strips, so Shire and I made a rag garland and stuck it in her room, (for now):

We just tied strips of fabric, (between 5" and 8"), onto a length of yarn then I tucked it behind the corners of her windowed headboard.

Have you done any fun fabric projects lately? Leave a comment and share your creativity!


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.