One Saturday morning...

I woke up early and sleepily pulled on some jeans, a flannel, and slipped out early before the rest of my family was up. I drove across the street to the biggest neighborhood community yard sale I have ever attended. After only six houses, twenty minutes, and my allotted amount of cash was mostly spent, I had a car full.

Group shot of the morning's finds!

1 large dresser
2 floor lamps
1 lamp shade
1 chandelier
1 play horse
1 zip lock bag of match box cars + 1 car racing track
3 stacking hat boxes
1 bakers cart on casters

The horse and cars/racing track we'll box up to give our twins as birthday gifts next week. Everything else had a makeover plan! Some things are finished, others are not, but I'll show you everything once they're done and photographed!

To start is this piece I showed you last week, refinished in Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, gently distressed, and sealed in clear wax. It sold and I was happy to see it go to an awesome new client who is in the process of decorating her dining room!

Next up is the bakers cart on casters which now graces our kitchen!

Thank you for stopping by!


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