Earring Holder

Hey readers!  Cate here with a Wednesday guest post.  Ok so awhile back in my Cane-Backed Chair post, I confessed that I went to the thrift store for bookends but left with 3 completely not-on-my-shopping-list things.  As promised, I have the scoop for you on item No. 2 - a picture frame.

I liked the round frame and the keys on the side to tighten it at your desired angle.  I did not, however, like the idea of cutting up a photo just to fit inside.  So let's do the craft math everybody: what does picture frame + paint + cotton batting + burlap equal?

How 'bout an earring holder!

The frame was disassembled and repainted in the same warm gray chalk paint called "Primitive" by Americana Decor that I used on the Sisal Rope Chandelier from last week's post.  I also heavily distressed the edges to bring out the great detailing on the frame.

I removed the glass since I wouldn't be using it and recovering the backing with burlap over a layer of cotton batting from the fabric store. 

After it was recovered, I put the backing back in the frame without the glass so that the filler and fabric would create a pincushion effect.  For some added glamour, I stuck a couple pearl-tipped pins in there to perch the earrings on {although you can easily stick the earrings straight in}.

This was actually my first item to sell at the Garage Sale we had on June 7th.  I am so tickled someone loved it enough to snatch it up within the first few minutes of opening the garage door! 

Now, I know what you're thinking... what about thrift store item No. 3?  You will have to check back in for that post soon ;)  And I truly hope you do because it might be my favorite find of all!

Happy Wednesday,


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Right-Brained vs Left-Brained: How I Organize Jewelry

A while back I read an article in Real Simple magazine called Organizing for Your Personality.  

The article diagnosed the difference between left and right-brained people and was illustrated with photos of how each differs in organizational style.  Left-brain organizers like order and each thing has its perfect place.  Right-brain organizers like to sprawl out, display, and draping pieces in unusual places.  I remember ripping out every-other page to save for future inspiration (this was pre-pinterest mind you).  And when I took their little "Which Side Do You Think With" quiz, I found out that surprise, surprise... I'm a mix of both.  So lets see with these 4 examples below just how this right-brained-left-brained-ness manifests in my own jewelry organization. 

Photos from Organizing for Your Personality by Deb Schwartz, Real Simple Magazine

1} Right-Brain: a hand-towel stand to display bracelets

When I found this towel stand at a thrift store it was originally brass.  At the time, I was not in love with brass like I am now but I liked the bird on the top.  So I spray painted it a glossy white to give it a ceramic effect.  Now it is a handsome holder for my bangles and caters to my right-brain need to drape my jewelry in an unusual place.

2} Left-Brain: a printers drawer to organize your favorite pieces

Printers drawers are multi-compartment trays originally used to hold the alphabetical character blocks for old printing presses.  The various compartments are perfect lefty organizational tool for small knickknacks of all shapes and sizes.  Growing up, I had one hanging on my wall displaying everything from found objects, to figurines, to my coin collection.  Now it proudly sits on my dresser and corrals all my jewelry in tidy little quadrants - keeping earrings in their pairs and organized by color.  Selecting the perfect accessory for my outfit is as simple as a quick browse.  Plus there's something soothing about seeing everything in its place.

3} Right-Brain: a window shutter to hang long necklaces

A few of my pieces were too chunky or would get tangled sitting in the dainty storage compartments of the printers drawer.  So to appease my right-brain, they drape willy-nilly off an old window shutter.  Found at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore, the shutter now shows off my biggest statement pieces.  Hang it next to a mirror to allow for easier accessory decision making ;)

4} Left-Brain: a file organizer to hold clutch purses  

Finally, my left-brain would like to present: the file organizer.  With all the cute desktop organizers out there, you really can't go wrong by teaming them up with a good purse collection.  And envelope clutches are the PERFECT size to sit in a file organizer.  Nice.  And.  Tidy.

I found my "ETC." vertical-standing desk organizer at a Home Goods. 

Which side do you think with?

~ Cate

This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.