Arte amore

Hi sweet readers! Well, it happened. Our dear Cate and my beloved little brother Caleb got married this past weekend. Nothing like a wedding to pull unexpected emotions up from deep within - especially when you love the blissful couple so. I'll have a whole post of pictures of the day for you soon, but until that's ready I can tell you this much; it was rustic wedding perfection. Perhaps after the wedding photos go up I'll persuade Cate to share her top 10 rustic wedding planning tips. It was truly an amazing day with so many gorgeous touches, (many of which were DIYed). I'm just so excited to share the pictures with you!!!

Maybe it was the unmistakable love in the air this past weekend, or the realization that we are less than a month to Valentines Day, but I had a bit of creative fun adding some touches of love to our home during our snowed-in morning today.

Ombre <3 you. canvas

The ombre, (fade from a darker color to light), didn't show up as well in the photos. I painted the canvas bottom in Duck Egg blue by ASCP, then added and mixed 2 spoonfuls of Old White to the cup with each new level of painting up the canvas. My old piece of art here had a red 'hello' to echo the red of the toolbox, (which my kiddos use as a bench for pulling shoes on and off), but a clever reader suggested a bright red heart, and I loved that idea! Perfect leading up to Valentines...or all the time, as I'll probably leave this up for a while!

French chalkboard sign

This was super duper easy. I had a scrap piece of particle board from another project that I painted in flat black paint, (did you know that flat black paint works just like chalkboard paint but is a fraction of the cost? It does and it is!). Now I have an ever-changing sign over my bakers rack! With chalkboard signs I prefer to keep it simple and keep the words minimal. 

Coming up tomorrow is a fantastic piece new to the garage which is ready to go to the first person to place a custom order for it! I have too many requests to 'keep an eye out' for buffets, long dressers, sideboards and the like to respond back to each person who asks, so it's become easier for me to show the raw piece here first and let the first taker place their custom request. Can't wait to show you! It's got crazy awesome potential.

Thank you for reading!


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.