Rustic hanging headboard - from a door!

Hi everyone! In case you missed it at the end of the last post, the next Chelsea's Garage sale is set for Saturday May 4! I am so, SO excited for this next sale. I think it might be my favorite one yet! I am located in Herndon, VA and would be happy to send the address to anyone who wants to come by that day. Just email me at!

A little while ago I posted about how we turned this old door....

...into an awesome bench!

As you can see, there is a lot more door than what we used for the bench. So what happened to the leftovers? I fit them together like a puzzle, screwed each piece onto a leftover piece of pdf board, and a headboard was born! This was a custom order and the client requested a hanging headboard because of the unique space that her bed is in. Using a couple hooks and chain, she can hang this piece straight from her ceiling at the spot where a headboard would usually be behind her bed! I'll definitely ask her to send pictures of this in her room so we can all see. Such a cool idea!

Here it is from behind so you can see how it was put together. We just used a leftover piece of 1/2" pdf board to attach the pieces of the door to make it all one piece. Then screw your hooks onto the side that you want to be the top. Make sure you measure the space from your ceiling to your bed, then subtract the height of your headboard so you know exactly how much chain to get. The chain and hooks came from Home Depot all for around $12. If you have the wood, it is a great way to get a one of a kind headboard for hardly any dough!

And in case you're in need of a little pick-me-up, here is my daily dose first thing in the morning. This little bouquet arranged in the vintage aqua Ball mason jar from my husbands grandma, (posted last week), is the first thing my, (groggy), eyes fall on when I come downstairs in the morning. The time change has been kicking my butt in the mornings, (yet somehow the kids are waking up at the same time as usual). 

Very thankful for this simple perk. 

Fresh flowers are so calming; such a treat for the eyes and the soul.

What an artist our heavenly Father is.

Friday we'll take a look at how to transform a dusty piece of furniture, (that probably most of you have in your closet), into something glamorous. See you then!


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