~Before&After~ Oval desk

Hey gang! Quick reminder that the next Chelsea's Garage sale will be on Saturday, May 4 from 10am-2pm.. 

This is an important event because it gives guests first picks on this fresh new stock. After the sale, any items that are left will go in my Etsy shop and get posted on Craigslist. So, mark your calendars and make a date with your friends to come by! I'll have complimentary refreshments, (because who doesn't enjoy shopping with a snack?!), and you are welcome to peruse as long as you'd like.  I am located in Herndon, VA and will be happy to give the address to anyone who needs it - just email me at chelseasgarage@gmail.com.

Okay - This table is one of my all-time favorite transformations, which is funny because for the longest time I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. It definitely needed some TLC before I could even think about whipping out the paint brush!


So, in the garage it sat. And waited and waited. Then last week I needed to run to Sherwin Williams to have a stain matched and noticed an ad for their new Color of the Year, Aloe. I kid you not, I did not even see a paint chip of this color when I asked to purchase the quart size sample. The name alone had reeled me in. So thankful it wasn't a disaster. Not only was Aloe not a disaster, it was a home run! I have been all over looking for a soft green that isn't too blue, too yellow, too gray, too bright. Finally! What I've been looking for my whole life...;)

Ladies and gentlemen: 


I waited until I was home to pop open the lid and check out what I had just purchased, (for less than $5 - I used a monthly 25% off members coupon). Seriously, as soon as I saw this color I moved the oval table into position to start work. The lightbulb went on and I knew exactly what this table needed to be.


I am so drawn to all the details of this piece - I've truly never seen anything like it!

Surprise! It's got a disguised drawer! Wouldn't this be incredible as a floating desk in a small study?!

*This piece will be available at the May 4 Chelsea's Garage sale in Herndon, VA!*

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The low-down:

-Sanded the top surface down to the lovely natural wood 

-Painted two coats of SW's Aloe on the apron and legs

-Used steel wool to distress

-Seeled with Polyurethane clear semi-gloss

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Garage Games - Make it work!

Hi there! Wow, I can't believe we're down to 3 days left of the Olympics! The past (almost) 2 weeks have flown by and it feels like they've just begun. I have so enjoyed our little Garage Games over the past couple weeks and will be sad when it's over! I might have to do this again soon, rather than waiting another 2 years for the next Olympics.:)

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME! Please see this post to find out what the heck the Garage Games are so you can participate and enjoy! Photos will be accepted until Sunday August 12, (closing ceremonies of the Olympics).

The photos I've posted so far for the Garage Games have been just. plain. awesome. Creative, inspiring, unique, sentimental...and today's photos are all of the above!

Our first photo is from a gal who probably could have sent a hundred more.:) She is wildly creative and talented and we both share a love for furniture refinishing.

"This was a dark stained desk and I used Annie Sloan's duck egg paint on it then waxed it with a combination of dark and clear wax.  Love it.  Definitely an upgrade to the Ikea model that was in my office :)" -T
A stunning desk like this would have me wanting to work overtime! Nicely done, T!

Our next photos are from a beautiful girl who's beautiful wedding I had the honor of attending during a historic blizzard a few years ago. While the conditions on their wedding day were not what they were expecting, this wonderful couple, (and their photographer), seized some amazing photo opps! When I saw her Garage Games photos I got so excited! She found a beautiful, out in the open way of displaying some of her favorite wedding and engagement photos!

"These are pictures of our bedroom and our makeshift headboard.  I wanted to actually get a real bed with a headboard and all when we moved into this apartment, but I couldn't find one that I liked AND was in our budget.  So we kept the free metal bed frame from the mattress store and I went to work arranging some of my favorite photos into a "headboard".  I LOVE photos and all of these photos are of our engagement and wedding...so it's something that's no longer just a fill-in but something that I really like!" -CS

Wow. Are you looking at these pictures?! So dreamy....and it would have taken me for.ev.er to get these frames arranged 'just so'. It looks awesome, C!

These photos were so fun! Thank you girls VERY much for taking the time to send them!

Remember, 3 days left to get yours in! Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate and if you read the original post about the Garage Games, you know there are jewelry prizes involved :)

Thank you for popping in!


'20s Style Desk Makeover

Hi All! 4 days and counting until our next Open Garage event! I am so so excited about all the new pieces in the Garage and feel like they're really coming together for a lovely cohesive collection. Fresh from a new makeover is this chunky 1920s style desk! I still cannot get over those extra large knobs, (original to the desk). Aren't they awesome?!

I refinished this piece in Annie Sloan's 'French Linen' chalk paint. I dry-brushed a very thin layer of cream, (Behr's 'Sandstone'), over the drawers, letting the 'French Linen' show through the brush strokes. Next, I heavily distressed all the trim and parts of the surface.

(42.25w x  19.5d x 30h)
~available for sale~

On an unrelated note, yesterday was our Mason man's 1st birthday. I couldn't imagine our life without this totally awesome little boy. What a joy he is to all of us!

Remember, this Saturday, March 31, 10am-4pm, Chelsea's Garage sale! Contact me if you would like to come by and I will give you the address!