Beachy Stools - Get your kitchen ready for summer!

Hi there! Things have been busy, busy around here but I dropped everything when these stools got into the Garage. My lovely sis-in-law, Megan, replaced her kitchen island stools and gave me her old ones, (I've lost track of the number of pieces she's either found or passed on to me - what a blessing)! Anyway, I have been on my last thread this week trying to refinish a monstrous china cabinet in time for the March 31 sale and there have been some very frustrating moments. After hours of work on this piece and not even adding a touch of paint yet, I needed some time away for some *fun* work. This pair of stools was just the distraction I needed and it was so much fun giving them a fresh makeover just in time for Spring and Summer!

I sanded them down and then sprayed on some white primer, (Kilz odorless oil-based primer). Then I brushed on a coat of cream, (Behr's 'Sandstone', semi-gloss finish), and heavily distressed (using 220 grit sandpaper), to let the natrual wood show. Some areas I distressed lightly enough to just show the white primer underneath. The fun part was adding an aqua blue stencilled design to the seats! I love how the cream and aqua blue contrast one another - and with the subtle pops of white on the legs....! So yummy. If I had a kitchen island or counter bar, I would so be keeping these! But alas, they will be available at the March 31 sale :)

This candle is Coconut Milk Mango from Anthropologie. It was a birthday gift last June and it's one of my favorite Spring/Summer candles to burn - plus the can is so pretty :)

This weekend we are travelling down to Williamsburg to celebrate our Mason's 1st birthday! This little business of furniture refinishing has been a dream come true for me, but I have truly never known such joy as 'experiencing' my babes. They just rock my world every day. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!