Couple a' Side Tables

Hi! We have hit the jackpot week of weather here! All 70s-80s and sunny. The Garage has been busy as there have been a lot of pieces going out and new ones coming in. As the turnover seems to be picking up pace I can't waste a single day of good weather! I usually do not work on the weekend and spend as much time relaxing with my family as possible. This past weekend, however, the weather was just too good to sit still. While our babes napped, Husband did some yard work and I got to finish several pieces I had been super excited to get my hands on!

First was this old stool I picked up at last week's auction. It's not in amazing shape, but I so loved the old, aged wood of the seat that I couldn't help bid for it. I gave it a coat of very soft mint green and then a thin coat of soft gray. I love the contrast- And I love this piece as a little end table!

(21.75h x 16w x 10.25d)
~available for sale~

The second piece was this little table that didn't have much too it except that it was solid wood and sturdy as could be. It's a bit small and I thought it would work great as a bedside table. I was further inspired by the fresh spring weather we've been given...and the fact that I'm starting to think about putting my daughter in her own room this year, (she currently shares with her twin brother and their nursery is a neutral, but FUN, Dr. Seuss theme)!

I typically do not go for 'cutesy' stencilled things, but isn't this just so cute for a little girls' room?!

(24.25h x 17.5w x 12.5d)
~available for sale~

Tomorrow I should be finishing up another dining table, my homerun from the auction! I can't wait to show you - it's a tiny bit bigger than the other one, shown here, but such a different look!