Our beautiful sale day!

Hello friends! Well, this past Saturday was another Chelsea's Garage on-site sale and the weather couldn't have been more perfect - quite a contrast to the snow we got on our February sale day! The Garage looked great and even featured a couple pieces I hadn't even posted here, (the Cottage Chic Dining table and the Sweet Dreams Headboard, see photos below). The day started with a lot of sweet friends coming by to say hi and take a look...I feel so blessed to have such supportive and encouraging friends and family, let me tell ya! Then slowly, but surely, a lot of new faces started coming in. Some saw the Chelsea's Garage sign from the road, (best Christmas present ever! Thanks, Mom:) ), others had heard about it from a friend, (amen!). So, the word is slowly spreading which I am really grateful for; that's what my little furniture refinishing business depends on!

Here are some photos of the morning, right after I finished setting up:

Tulips instead of snow this time:)

Cottage Chic Dining table debut!

I will always have a few goodies out. Always.:)

Sweet Dreams Headboard debut!

All three of these china cabinet doors sold; the middle one to one home and the two on the sides to another. It was such a joy to see others so interested and taken by something that was so out of the box. Thanks to Husband for rigging them up to be hung on the morning of the sale!

I saw a handful of pieces leave the Garage and go on to new homes on Saturday, but since I've had each piece listed individually on craigslist, the responses have been pouring in and I've had daily appointments set up with folks interested in seeing/purchasing. A handful of pieces remain but the garage is starting to look spacious again....time to start furniture hunting all over!

Thank you so much for following the buzz in the Garage! If you saw anything in the photos that you're curious about, click on 'Shop' and you'll see an entire album of pieces with full descriptions and prices listed under the first photo of each piece.

Also, I have a small collection of decorative items I'd like to be able to give away soon, so if you're a regular here, please become a member, (Garage Guest), so you'll be elligible for some free cute things, (even if you're a friend or family member)!