Wax on, Wax off

Hello again! 2 posts in one day...wow. I DO have a life outside of this blog...I promise.:) Actually, the last post was about how awesomely busy things have been around here, but that's not very interesting to read about. I just completed a bench for a custom order which I thought might be a bit more interesting for you. This bench will eventually be part of a dining seating set. I've been hunting for the *right* chairs to complete the set and once they're found and refinished, I'll show you the bunch together! It's a cool project, actually! My sweet client, L, wants to update her dining room. She initially came to me about a dining table I was selling but ultimately decided she wanted to keep her dining table and get fresh seating. She really wanted a combination of a bench or two and chairs, (I love that!). Within a day of talking about it with her I found this bench on craigslist! It's a sizable 6ft long, solid wood and very sturdy. We were thrilled with this find but I wish we'd found two. Now, we are looking for chairs to go along the opposite side of her dining table and for the ends. They'll be refinished the same way, unifying them together as a set.

Before picture of the bench. It was already painted a muddy brown color. The nice thing about ASCP is that it adheres to anything so I did not have to strip the old paint.

After a few new nails here and there and lots of sanding on rough edges, I painted the bench in French Linen, (by ASCP). I did a very light coat of clear wax over the whole thing and then distressed using 220 and 180 grit sandpaper. Then I used a sanding block and lightly rubbed it over the entire piece. Doing this over the light coat of wax created a really cool streaky weathered look on the wood. Next, I did another very light waxing just over the edges where I had distressed. This is so key in making your distressed areas really pop out.

I think this finished product looks so awesome!
(click on the photos to view them larger)

Okay, that's it for today. Seriously this time. :)