Small bathrooms, BIG plans

Hi! I'm going to get right to it today: I want to update our teeny tiny bathrooms. We have 3 full bathrooms and 2 of the 3 are on the small side, (1 of those 2 is about the size of an airplane bathroom but with a shower stall). Our bathrooms were not even on my radar of things to do for our home. We've got a kitchen in serious need of revamping, (30yr old cabinets, mismatched appliances), and a basement that we've been just chipping away at but are excited to complete once and for all. Our list of home improvements excites me. Working and sweating together to make our home a reflection of us is something that both husband and I feel is completely worth our time. The bathrooms, I realized just the other day, would be a job I could easily do on my own. What have I been waiting for?! So, I've been researching some small bathroom design ideas and came across the following:

This one is covered in this geometric wallpaper which is just so fresh and clean looking! I love the idea of an allover print. Neither bathroom has a window so why not play around with something fun to look at?
 (Design Your Renovation)

Talk about fun to look at! This bathroom doesn't even try to pretend it's big. A large, bold allover print on the walls makes this room cozy, intimate, and most definitely fun!
 (Decor Pad)

...Or we could use a hit of color near the top of the walls to draw the eye up and give the illusion of a larger room. Dear Husband, if you are reading this, I want to use beadboard someday. In some way, shape, or form, we must! I love the texture of beadboard. I love the airy, beachy effect it has on a room especially when done in white and how pristine and clean it feels! Oh I just love it. I also love this sink with it's stainless steel legs and storage basket underneath. Ours are pedestal sinks so this would not work...but cool idea!

Holy stripes, Batman! (sorry, Colin's been over-wearing a batman t-shirt lately and I love it)...Anyways, I love the continuation of the stripes from the wall to the ceiling. This works so well with an elevated ceiling...which ours are not. But I think stripes could be really fun to work with on the walls!

Oh how lovely. This just whispers "I'm pretty and clean" :) An oval scalloped edge mirror might be a must. I wonder how hard it was to match the gray on the walls to the gray towels...
 (My Interior Design Info)

My stripes and gray all in one room! A perfect balance of whimsy, lovely and clean. I wonder though, for a small bathroom with no window, how much I'd really like the color gray. It would absolutely have to be the right gray, which is hard to find! Something with a bit of soft blue in it would be lovely.

Well, I certainly have plenty to think about now! Looking forward to picking out some paint in the very near future. I'll keep you posted!
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*I am adding this long after I created this post. Check out what I did to our tiny basement bathroom here!