House, Interrupted

We did it! We managed to turn the inside and the outside of our house upside down in one weekend! In the last post I told you we'd be uprooting our whole front landscaping to replace everything with some more fresh and current things. For over 5 hours yesterday, that's just what we did. Well, my Dad and my husband did. Bless their sweet hearts. It was pouring rain, which they both agreed made the ground easier to work, but they were completely covered in mud, soaked, and beat by the time they were done. I stayed inside the entire time watching from the windows, playing hide and seek, tea party, and 'choo-choo' with our 3 toddlers.

{That is onnnnne naked house}

We have no new plants yet. A landscape friend is going to be helping us with a design so we will be sitting bare for about a week until we meet with him. Some might have a hard time seeing their house this way, (understandably!), but this already looks better to us than the old, overgrown plants that were there when we moved in. It's a wonderful feeling to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Now, the sky is the limit and we can put our touch and taste on the outside appearance of our house, just like we've done inside.

{Special thanks to my Dad and my husband, Matt for all their hard work in giving us a fresh start. Hope you're not too sore today!}

Inspired by the fresh start our front yard was getting yesterday, I tore off all of our living room slipcovers and had a field day in the laundry room. I frequently hear how brave I am to have white furniture and 3 tots under 3 under one roof. I confess that I do not clean my slipcovers as often as I should, but there is nothing in the world easier and quicker than throwing my slipcovers in the wash with a bit of bleach, hanging them to dry, and zipping them back on. I love knowing my upholstered furniture is actually clean, and since I am not one to ever get to spot cleaning, this works out beautifully for me.

{Slipcover cleaning day = ultimate living room bounce zone }

The kids had a blast with the pillows strewn about. There's something so magical about couch cushions; I remember spending hours playing with our couch cushions growing up; building forts or pretending the floor was made of hot lava and we could only jump from cushion to cushion to get around. I wonder what crazy fantasies my minis will come up with. For now they just think it's hilarious to pile the cushions on the floor for the heck of it. And I'm happy as a clam to watch them do so. :)

Well, that's just about the long and short of our wild weekend ;) We are looking forward to selling a dining table, (hopefully), within the next few days and opening up some space for some exciting new projects coming in this week! Any fun upcoming projects on your agenda? Do share!