Let the Games begin!

Happy Opening Ceremonies day! I am a huge fan of the Olympics and look forward to watching in awe and wonder every couple of years, (particularly the summer Olympics, so every 4 years really). What is so striking to me, aside from the astounding levels of athletic achievement, is the coming together of all nations in peace for this momentous occasion. It truly is such a remarkable tradition that I had childhood fantasies of being a part of. In honor of this special occasion that only comes every few years, I thought it would be so much fun to have our very own


Over the course of the next two weeks while the Olympic Games are taking center stage in world wide media, I would love for you to email me something representative of you in your home decor. It could be a fantastic piece of art that you scored and found the perfect spot for, an entire room that you enjoyed putting together, a piece of furniture that you transformed, setting your dining table, dressing up a bed, etc. It need not be a grand statement, so long as it is reflective of you. You don't have to be a homeowner to participate in this - however big or small your space is, it's yours and I love sharing creativity with one another. As your photos come in over the next two weeks I will post them so we can share our creative work and encourage one another. Whether you're a fellow blogger or this is your first time visiting a blog, please don't be shy! All are welcome here!

And what would our Garage Games be without awards?! Rather than gold, silver, or bronze medals, I do have some gold, silver and bronze, (not all of it is real, though some is), in the form of jewelry that I will be giving away. My jewelry box has been in need of reorganizing and 'cleaning out' and I have some fantastic pieces that have finished off many an outfit, but just like with my home decor, I like to change things out now and then. I have 14 pieces of jewelry which will go to 14 individuals who submit photos. When a photo is submitted I will add your name to a drawing. At the end of the 2 weeks my lovely 2.5 year old assistant, Shire, will randomly draw names from a hat. Based off of when your name is drawn, that will be the order by which you get to pick out a piece of jewelry. I will contact you when your name is drawn and you will have 24 hours to pick your favorite piece, then I'll mail it to you!
Let's see the prizes!
(all pieces have been cleaned appropriately and sanitized)
{Item 1}

{Item 2}

{Item 3}

{Item 4}

{Item 5}

{Item 6}

{Item 7}

{Item 8}

{Item 9}

{Item 10}

{Item 11}

{Item 12}

{Item 13}

{Item 14}

So, email me at chelseasgarage@gmail.com a home decor/project photo that represents you. I will post your photo and we can all enjoy sharing our creativity and what inspires us! In two weeks we will have a random drawing for those who have sent photos for a chance to score a used piece of jewelry. Yea! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Let the Games begin!