Dreaming a room

The time has almost arrived! The opportunity I have been waiting for, longing for, preparing for. The thing I have so badly wanted to do since we found out we were pregnant the first time around over 3 years ago. Creating a girls room.:)

When we found out we were pregnant with boy-girl twins, I happily went to work collecting items to put together a neutral nursery that was bright and fun and full of joy! I LOVED the twins' first nursery in our apartment.

When we moved I changed things up and made their room into a Dr. Seuss land. It is so much fun - they love pointing to the characters and they know (most of) them by name!

Then when we found out Mason would be a boy it was an exciting challenge for me to create a boy nursery. Knowing we would someday move the boys in together, I didn't want to spend a lot of money or time on a particular theme. I chose some colors I liked, (actually, Colin had a pair of striped pajamas that I really liked - navy blue and gray stripes with orange 'trim' on the ankles and sleeves - his pjs inspired the colors of his brother's nursery lol). Mason's nursery is one of my favorite rooms in our home....probably because of the fond memories I have in there. Oh, the hours spent, rocking, nursing, singing, swaying...my heart is filled with joy just thinking about it.:)

But, we're nearing the time to let the boys be boys and give our daughter a little space of her own. I started collecting little items for Shire's room when she, (and Colin), was merely months old. I knew that someday the twins would probably have their own rooms and I started dreaming.
Our Shire is no princess.... 

The princess pinks and purples are not for her. She is the most imaginative, creative, active, whimsical and kind little girl I know and as I've gotten to know her better it's become more clear how I'd like to decorate her room. Layers of color, patterns and fabrics, space to be creative, and room to grow have all been strong influences behind the pieces that I've collected. Here are some rooms that have caught my eye as spaces that have an idea or two that I've been dreaming of for Shire's room:
My daughter, with the wild imagination, may she forever be a dreamer

Layering small mismatched rugs, wallpaper on one wall, hits of color high on the ceiling... so whimsical and so much going on. Not for everyone but very much my Shire.
 Source via Apartment Therapy
S-H-E. Love this.:)
Beautiful headboard idea and I've got several windows hanging out in the garage...hmm.
 Source unknown - if you know please comment so I can credit where due

Yup, love it all, (except for maybe the old dolls on the dresser and hanging from the cupboard door...I just realized I think old dolls are creepy)
Well, the wheels are spinning and I've got some fun ideas to work on before the big move. And don't think I've discounted my little men! I may have most of Shire's room collected and ready to set up, but the picture in my head of what the boys room could be is pure awesome, (and mostly free my sweet husband who I'm hoping is learning that my big ideas usually amount to nearly nothing out of pocket!)
Have you recently put together a nursery or big kid's room? Leave a comment and tag some pics! I love seeing children's rooms!!