Garage Game's - Mommas gettin' crafty!

It’s just something we made up.
Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few,
for prodigies, for superstars,
and the rest of us can only stand by watching.
You can forget that.
Greatness is not some rare DNA strand, not some precious thing.
Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing.
We’re all capable of it.
All of us.

Best commercial, (it's by Nike), I've seen during the Olympic Games. This message can be applied to anything we decide to do. I thought it fitting to start with today because I have truly been blown away by not just the quantity of participation for my little blog's Garage Games, but the quality as well! In my down time I enjoy flying through decor magazines and books and marking pages with ideas, rooms, and tips that I would like to try. Why am I looking to these professionals for guidance? I haven't received one photo submission from anyone who is a 'professional' in home decor, but each one has been unique, creative and completely inspiring! Creating a home that reflects you is not something that requires an education in home decorating. All the bits and pieces, large and small, that you put together to create a space that is pleasing to you - that is perfection and greatness!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I am so glad you are here - you're just in time! I'm doing our very own Garage Games right here on the blog over the weeks spanning the Olympics and asking anyone and everyone to email me, (, at least one photo of a home decor piece/project/craft/room that is reflective of their style and personality, (you are welcome to send in as many photos as you would like). It can be anything you want so long as it represents you. I will post the photos right here on the blog as they come in as a fun way of sharing our creativity and inspiring one another. At the end of the two weeks we will do a random drawing of all the people who submit photos for a chance to win a piece of jewelry from my jewelry box clean-out! I love accessorizing and have 14 fun pieces that have served me well for several years now, but alas, it's time to change things up and pass them on! So, please don't hesitate to submit your photo(s); you never know who you'll inspire and you could get a cool piece of jewelry out of it! See this post if you'd like more details and a peek at the jewelry pieces! Photos will be accepted until Sunday August 12, (closing ceremonies day for the Olympics).

Today, we've got two young mommas representin' their stuff! One is a momma-to-be, {such sweet days}, and the other with almost 10 precious months of experience under her belt.

Our momma-to-be shares the most pure and genuine inspiration behind her great worthy Living room photo. 

"Our family/living room's focal point is a quilt I made my husband (boy friend at the time).  The quilt is a tribute to lewis and clark with compasses and canoes.  The sofa we saved from my father and I have decorated it with pillows I picked up in France!  When I sit here I think about the adventures my husband and I had in france and the love we share when we started our relationship." -N
This is beautiful, N. Such a great reminder that a personalized space takes on a beauty that cannot be matched.

Our next momma put a finishing touch on her nursery/guest room that is as warm and inviting as her own heart.

"When I was decorating Norah's room, I knew I wanted some color and fabric on the wall. I found some fabric online that I LOVED, so I ordered it not knowing how I would end up using it. I saw a picture in a magazine of some fabric-filled embroidery hoops and decided to give it a try. It's so easy! I just took the hoop apart, closed the fabric inside, and tightened the screw on the hoop to secure it. Then I just pulled the fabric taut so that there were no wrinkles, and cut the excess fabric off, leaving about an inch of extra fabric around the edges. Next, I used a hot glue gun to glue the extra fabric down behind the hoop. Finally, I just hung them on the wall with nails. So simple!" -M

Oops! How'd this get here?! Who doesn't want to see a flippin' adorable baby??? Hi, Norah!

A few thoughts regarding the hoops, (from M):
-Do NOT buy your hoops from the quilting section of a craft store—they are super expensive there. Go instead to the embroidery section, where they should be only $1-4 each. You can also check thrift stores or buy them on eBay for a very inexpensive price. You can paint the hoops or leave them plain. I have even seen some of these hoops hung on the wall in a cluster without any fabric inside—an easy way to fill up a big wall space!

Thank you very much to these busy gals who showed us that great decorating doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming or frustrating. The loveliest decor is that which reflects the heart.

Please send in your photo(s) before the Sunday August 12 deadline! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes in over the second half of our Garage Games!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!