New friends, finds and funny things

Last weekend was oh so sweet.

Sweet because I locked my keys in my car on Friday and the Lord gave us, (the kids and me), the gift of freedom from our planned out schedule to stay home, play for hours outside, get completely filthy, enjoy a mid-day bath, eat lunch slow, and just enjoy one another.

Sweet because Matt and I kicked off  our weekend watching an old favorite movie from college, (Rounders), which inevitably brought back so many fond memories from that time in our life. Late into the night we were still quoting our favorite lines and laughing.

Sweet because we enjoyed time with some new friends Saturday evening. They have kids close to our kids age and the wife, another stay at home mom, and I clicked at a playground a few weeks ago. I don't know if other moms feel this way, but that's hard to do! No wonder there are so many organized groups for moms out there! It is pretty challenging for me to be very social when I am out with the kids. I have a hard enough time splitting myself three ways as my little ones run in all different directions, it's a miracle if I look up and notice anyone else around. I don't mean to be anti-social, and I absolutely LOVE being around people. It's therapy to me. But being around people, and interacting with people are two very different things. I have a pretty hard time carrying on adult conversation when I am out by myself with my kids. So, this unique connection was truly a God send.

{our kids, minus The Meatball (Mason), running free}
Sweet because I got a bit of time by myself to run a few quick errands and snuck in a trip to the thrift store for a little looksy :) Found 6 of these fun cubby size woven baskets, so I snagged the best 3. Also, these cool pillows, (tags say Pier 1), caught my eye with the unique dusty blue coral design. Not exactly sure yet how I will use my finds, but I know I can always use some decorative items for staging new pieces for photos - and that is by far my favorite part of refinishing a piece!
Sweet because I stepped out in an outfit that felt so seasonal and fun! A little secret I have been keeping from you, (if you don't know me personally), is that I really enjoy fashion. Not uber trendy fashion, but just mixing pieces in general and seeing how they'll work with this that and the other. Side note: between the ages of 8-16ish, I kept a file full of wedding gown designs that I drew. That was THE dream job. My fallback? Being a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. My two great loves as a child: wedding gowns and horses. Anyways, I am perfectly happy going the entire week wearing my exercise clothes from morning til night, (sometimes I change from my exercise clothes to my painting clothes which is not a step up, but rather a lateral move). But, when I get to pull open my 'regular clothes' drawers and put on something a little more interesting, you'd better believe I enjoy myself!

And sweet because we got to finish the weekend with my family, (parents, brother and sister), watching football, playing pool, eating good food, taking a walk in the rain, and just enjoying each other. Colin has progressed from calling his Uncle Caleb 'Ape' to 'Alep', (happy for Colin's verbal progress but I sure will miss hearing him call for Ape!). Shire thinks Noanie has purple hair, (it's RED). And Mason  had Aunt Casey imitating his arching back squirm which he does when he wants to get out of a lap. Laughed my head off.
Life is not always sweet. But sometimes it is. God has given us so much to be grateful for, through the sweet and the bitter.