GOURD-eous decorating

Well, I have gone out of my comfort zone this year with Fall decorating - but only a smidge. :) Every year when we get pumpkins, I like to get one or two to keep inside as decoration. I have never ever given those funny looking, bumpy, warty little gourds a second glance. I've never thought about how to arrange them, never thought they could be fun...until this year!

When we went to get pumpkins with our little ones this past weekend, my husband gave all the kids, (and me), a rule: only grab what you can carry. While poor Mason was hugging his chubby arms around pumpkins that I can only imagine were twice his weight, trying to lift them up, I was busy collecting smaller things. I wasn't completely sure how I would use them, but when we got home and I layed everything out, it came to me!

{Fancy gourds, sitting on (fake) crystal candle stick holders}

{A sideboard dressed in it's Fall best}

{I turned a couple of cheap, plastic planters, (from Walmart), upside down, wrapped a few times around in twine, and topped with my albino pumpkins with the curly-Q stems}

{Rod iron votive holders swapped their votives for these cuties}

It was so much fun thinking outside of the box to figure out how to display my gourds! I finally got over my fear of them and look forward to using them again next year :)

Have you added any Fall touches to your home? What's your favorite?!?


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt!