Blue; not just for the boys anymore

My most recent piece, hot out of the garage, is this darling blue dresser. It is a custom order for a bedroom of....GIRLS!

Spray painted white hardware adds just the perfect touch of soft sweetness

After making these fabric tassels for Shire's dresser knobs, I am obsessed with using them to adorn girly bedroom pieces. (Fabric tassel tutorial to the right of the page)

So, how about some blue in our little ladies' rooms? :)

The low-down:

-Spray painted a flat white primer

-Painted a thick coat of white

-Rubbed areas where I wanted the white to show through with Vaseline so the blue would rub off easily

-Painted a thick coat of blue, (a custom mixed color)

-Used a dry kitchen sponge to remove the blue off the spots where the Vaseline was rubbed

-Used a medium grit sanding sponge over the entire piece to smooth things out

-Sealed in polyurethane semi-gloss


This post was originally featured on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt!