Funky shelf now...

...rickety chair just days ago!

The same lovely gal that dropped off the rusty door, (that we made into a bench), also brought this chair - and if I recall, one of her first instructions was "to go crazy with it" :) After a lot of attempted repair, I realized it was not going to be able to withstand much weight as a place to sit. I did some research to see how to best, (most tastefully), salvage the backrest of the chair since that's the most appealing part. I came across a couple options and my client really liked the idea of attaching a shelf - so that's what I did! 

{done as a custom order, happy to do more if there is interest!}

The Low-Down:

-Sawed the back rest of the chair where the vertical sides met the seat

-Measured the space between the vertical sides and cut an old piece of fence scrap wood to fit inside

-Nailed through the vertical sides to hold the shelf in place

-Attached nailheads around the engraved circle at the top for a little rustic elegance

-Attached a sawtooth hook at the top of the backrest to hang the piece on the wall

Do you have any objects in your home that you are using in an unconventional way? Please share! It's fun to learn how to use something you may have thought about getting rid of!


This post was originally featured on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt!