Imagination to reality

We are days away from the May 4 sale and just last night Matt and I cleared out all the toys and some lawn equipment from the garage so I can begin setting up the space as a showroom. As I uncovered finished pieces that have been hiding under the protection of sheets and plastic, I looked around at the products of my labor and just felt incredible.

First peek of this 7-drawer dresser in a custom mixed soft green, homemade leather drawer pulls from an old belt

Completing any task these days feels like an accomplishment. My three dear young ones, (3, 3, and 2), are on my heels all day, except when they are asleep. I tried to sneak in a shower recently while they seemed occupied watching Doc McStuffins, only to see all three of their faces as they pulled the shower curtain aside, holding a plastic teapot in front of me, asking if we could have a tea party. In the shower.

Being patient during yet another run to Home Depot, (with a stop to the playground promised afterward)

This attention intensive phase of life is a true adventure, to say the least. Creating in our garage is less about having an outlet from all things 'Mommy', and more about the desire to simply be creative. Our home is filled with 3 very wild imaginations. In the transition from kid to adult I'd forgotten how much fun it is to imagine and use the creative part of my brain. I am so grateful to have these precious kids reminding me how to imagine. Each piece of furniture that I makeover is a physical extension of me and my imagination.

My vision of what the ordinary tv tray table could be

My style is rustic

with a bit of sparkle.


and detailed.

 I believe that small pieces have as much impact as large.

And that not everyone wants to fill their home with white, cream, and grey;

-though I use a lot of those, too, (and they never get old)

I can see myself in each piece - my imagination, style and work. And it just makes sense.

*Which is refreshing, because sometimes toddlers are quite hard to understand! :)

~Every piece in this post will be available this Saturday, May 4~

10am - 2pm

Herndon, VA 

-email me at for the address! I'd love to see you there!

Please see the previous post for more photos of available pieces.


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