Lucketts find No. 1

A few days ago I talked about shopping the Lucketts Spring Market last weekend with a list of specific items I wanted to look for. I couldn't believe I drove home with each item checked off the list! I'm excited to finish each piece and share its journey from Lucketts to our home!

The first one to make it in is the tall wooden door you see behind the bench.

I wanted a little height in a particular corner of our bedroom, and had envisioned something tall and rustic propped up near or behind the chair. My thoughts were either a latter or a door. I was hesitant about using a door because I didn't want anything too wide. But, when my Mom and I spotted this one at the LSM, it was perfect! Tall and narrow. Scooped it up. 

I painted it the same color as our wall, (Marilyn's Dress by Benjamin Moore), played a whole lot with the placement in that corner, and finally liked it this way. Placement does not come naturally for me. I have to try every which way before finding a set up that appeals. Play, play, play! It's a good way to learn if you're ever unsure.

The sketch on top was a thrift store score when we first moved in our home a few years ago. The painting on the bottom was a gift from my grandma - she painted it herself! She's been a talented artist for many years and it's a pleasure to display her work.

Taking a cue from some of the earthy greens used in the art on the wall, I pulled out a can of French Linen, a warm greenish-grey by Annie Sloan chalk paint, and covered a low bench that now sits at the foot of our bed, (and holds all my extra pieces of linen and burlap)

Last week I brought in that refinished chair in the corner, (the one found at the auto shop), and at the beginning of this week I added the antlers, which I showed a few days ago. 

I feel like we have made a smooth transition from a once delicate and frilly looking bedroom to something with more edge and personality. It's still soft and airy, which I love, but the addition of a few rustic pieces gives it a touch of masculinity, which is important to me since this is my husbands sanctuary from the crazy, too.

So, that's Lucketts find No. 1. Stay tuned for where the other two turn up! 

Thanks for reading!


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