Mother of all scores

I recently had a 'get back on track' week here with our living room. I purged of some things that I'd been trying to make work, but just hadn't been feelin'. Realizing that I'd gotten so wrapped up in DIY projects and painting this and that, I looked around and suddenly our living room felt like an arts and crafts project. SO not me.

I made a fresh start. Sold what wasn't working and used some of the cash to find replacements. One thing I felt like the space was missing was something large and metallic. Gold, silver, bronze - it didn't really matter, but I thought something with a fantastic sheen would be a gorgeous contrast to the rustic pieces we had, (wooden bakers rack, chippy church pew, weathered wood coffee table, industrial lamps). Figuring a mirror in some kind of metallic frame would fit the bill, I went to my trusty Goodwill. Nothin'. Then I bopped into HomeGoods for the first time in a long while and saw IT. I've never seen a more perfect marriage of rustic and elegance. 

A geometric frame - not too fancy or ornate - made of glass which appears to have been given some sort of treatment that resembles water marks and/or rust. It fits in perfectly.

(do you have an fabulously chic baby gate? they're all the rage right now.....;)

But seriously, I'm crazy about that frame!

So here is the fun part. At the store I noticed the red sticker that said $22. I blinked and checked again, (and again and again). I looked the piece over for disrepair and did notice a 3-4" crack at the very bottom of the frame, but nothing jeopardizing the structure or sturdiness, (since the glass itself is attached to some kind of hard plastic or metal backing). I pulled my two older little ones out of the shopping cart and made room for this 50 pounder. 

It wasn't until I got it home and propped it up that I noticed what was under the red $22 sticker.

So, it was once a $200 mirror at HomeGoods...not a shabby discount at all! But, by my reasoning it was a whole lot more, (potentially $400 as the sticker shows?), someplace else before it reached HomeGoods. That's a 95% off prize!...One that I thought was perfect for our home before even knowing the price and discounts! Win, win.

On an unrelated note, I snapped this picture while walking aimlessly around looking for mirrors, and saw this reflected in a few stacked full lengths. No joke -- I took about a dozen pictures like this and was turning all heads as I unleashed my total amusement in howling laughter. 2yr old Mason was less amused...

Thank you for reading! Do you have any memorable scores to share? Just post in a comment below!


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