Spring sale recap

We had the most perfect weather on Saturday - and I woke up so grateful to be doing what I do. Grateful for the patience of my family who allows me the time to do this and do it right. Grateful for the support and encouragement of family near and far, good friends, and complete strangers who have stumbled across my business and given the kindest compliments. Grateful for not just the emotional encouragement from my husband but the use of his handy skills. And let me tell ya, he's got mad skills. And so grateful that my loving Father has blessed this business beyond measure and allowed it to prosper over my family.

It's all too much, sometimes. I feel so incredibly blessed.

So Saturday! I opened our garage door on a beautiful Spring day to show and sell the pieces I've been working on over the last few months. It took a while to accumulate the stock I had as working through the winter tends to be slower. Aside from the fact that I lose feeling in my hands after about an hour and a half in a freezing garage, the paint doesn't agree much with the cold weather either and gets goopy. But, I finally had enough pieces for our little garage to handle and set a sale date!

Here are some photos of the day!

I always offer refreshments. I want people to feel right at home when they step inside.:)

I didn't have my lights on during the before sale pics, so I got a quick photo in between customers. The big white lantern was an Ikea accessory that I found at Goodwill! It lit everything up perfectly!

A nod to Derby day

It was a wonderful day. I said goodbye to a few pieces, hello to some good friends, and met a lot of new ones! There are custom orders lined up and appointments scheduled to view the remaining stock of pieces. If  you are local and didn't make the sale please contact me and I can send photos of the remaining pieces. Or check back in soon because I am working on filling my Etsy shop with the remaining pieces and will post the link here on the blog once that's ready.

Thanks for reading!


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