Decking the deck

Last weekend I went on a date with our deck! I wanted to have a fun date-like evening without actually getting all prettied up and paying a babysitter. But, to make it feel like a legitimate date, I decorated our deck to give it a cool outdoor cafe vibe. 

Since I wasn't sure how night pictures would turn out, I took a few when there was still a good bit of sunlight left. Since it is staying lighter longer, I wanted to bring some color to our deck before the candles and white lights worked their magic in the dark. Using some construction paper and twine from past projects, I made a little flag banner. Not too perfect - I didn't trace my triangles or hang them the same way. Just on the right side of imperfect how I like it. :) It's already rained on my banner since the weekend and while it softened the colors just a bit, the banner is still in tact! Think I'll keep it around through the 4th of July at least!

I wrapped some mason jars in floral wire to create handles and then filled them with small unscented votives

White lights, my disco ball from Home Depot, (one of their Christmas items), and gold beaded garland from the dollar tree, (used in one of my kids' crafts last season). I like anything shiny near white lights for added sparkle! 

 I like the look of smaller, intimate spaces within large open ones. I pulled up the wicker chair, added a few throw pillows to the built in bench, and a colorful little side table, (with a bucket of Root Beers underneath), and made a cozy little 'nook' on our deck for chillin'.

And when the sun went down, everything glowed!

(I roped a rag garland that Shire and I made a while back using scrap fabric over the banister - also still in tact after our rain)

The darker it got, the better it all looked. We played Jenga, Rummy, (twice), and Golf, (twice) - I lost every single game. 

Did you know cigars repel mosquitoes?! And I hate mosquitoes.

Sitting under glowing white lights, playing our favorite games and listening to our favorite tunes - a perfect date with my guy if you ask me.

Thank you for reading!


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