Hey guys! I've got a couple fun pieces I've been busy with this week and will be showing you by Friday, but I thought I'd stop in really quick to show you some quick and creative ideas for your vases!

We've got so many things blooming around our yard, both welcome, and less welcome...

(Shire is cleaning up on the clovers. She thinks they're beautiful and I find her beautiful sitting outside picking them.)

 I've been going through every last clear glass vase that I have. We have shelves and cabinets and boxes that look like this:

I thought it would be fun to do a little makeover with some of our vases, especially since quite a few are holding nothing more than bloomin' weeds...

My supplies for this project were nothing more than a stash of Washi tape and my favorite little girl ever. It was a fun little project for her and she got to use full reign of her artistic freedom with where and how she wanted to lay each piece of tape, (which I ripped off the rolls and just stuck onto the edge of the table).

Finished products!

Over the 4th of July we had the pleasure of a visit from my sis-in-law and her family. She brought me one of her own creations - a simple clear glass vase which she wound rubber bands around and spray painted! After the spray paint dried she unwound the rubber bands and this was the swirly masterpiece.

I love how the light from the window comes through the clear glass swirls created by the rubber bands! So fun and easy!

So, nothing ground breaking - but a couple very creative, very quick vaselifts for you to try at home for displaying your own blooms, (or weeds).

Off to finish up a few pieces which I hope to have up here by Friday! Thanks for stopping by!


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