Hello, hello!

Hi guys! 

It is so good to be back here writing. I enjoy writing and the connections I have made with you lovely readers, but I really needed some time to miss it, (the writing that is...not you)! I hope you all had a wonderful August and soaked up the remains of summer. While my break away from the blog was full of both rest and play with my family, I also used some much needed time to focus on some home projects that have been on hold since...well, since we moved in and planned on doing them!

Over the upcoming weeks I will be diving into our dining room makeover, kitchen transformation, living room re-order, a new refinishing technique, a new shop stop, and of course some furniture makeovers, (one of which includes a couple of bedside tables made from a leather suitcase)! On top of all that, what I'm the most excited about is introducing you to a new face. A very beautiful, talented and creative face that I have the pleasure of calling a dear friend and soon to be sister in law. More on that soon. :)

It's a joy to be back in this cozy corner of the world wide web and I so appreciate you joining me.

Enjoying some time away together at Deep Creek Lake in MD


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