Roadside find: Gorgeous chair on casters!

Warning: The following image may move you to tears and result in the sudden urge to donate to your local thrift store.

I found this chair left on the side of the road near our gym one morning a few weeks ago. Instead of making my turn for the gym, I drove straight across the street when this beauty caught my eye. I'm weary of pulling things out of tall grass. First of all, snakes. Second of all, spiders. Third of all, snakes. So I tried to keep my feet on that furthest patch of blacktop and reached over to pull it out...then I jumped out of the way, just in case.

Upon super close inspection, (since I had to put this thing straight into my car where I also had my 3 helpless little spider snacks, ages 3, 3, and 2),  I realized it probably hadn't been abandoned for very long. No cobwebs, no dampness,  and no other signs typical of long outdoor wear. So in the ol' van it went! 

And it was finished before dark that same day.

Painted 'Spring Mint' by Behr

My latest mini-obsession is with very pale mint green paired with vibrant jewel tones. So I had to snap a pic with this gorgeous pillow I found on clearance at Target. Looks like watercolor doesn't it?!

Very minimal distressing that happened naturally as I applied the sealer


The low-down:
-Gave the chair a good scrub down with the hose and a thick bristle brush, wiped dry and let air dry completely
-Sanded everywhere except for the cane using 120grit sandpaper
-Blue taped around the wheels and base of the chair
-Used Rustoleum spray on primer over everything but the base
-Painted 3 coats of Spring Mint by Behr using a 2.5" brush, (when painting cane, do not overload your brush with paint. Just dip in the very ends and then move over the cane in a circular motion so the paint doesn't get clogged or glopped inside the little holes)
-Using a clean rag, I applied Minwax Polyurethane clear high gloss sealer

Thank you so much for stopping by!


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.