Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched chairs are becoming more of a thing these days and I don't mind one bit.  {A} I've always been pro a bit of whimsy and beautiful disorder.  {B} It's economical!  Thrift for loners and you can get a great set you don't have to worry about matching.   And {C} I like to think of it as rescuing the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" of sad and lonely chairs - find it, give it some shiny love, and put it with some new friends!

This summer I was helping out some great friends who just moved their home business into their first ever office space.  They asked me to thrift for some chairs to fix up and transform into their conference table chairs.  Normally, I would not recommend painting your chairs "Berry Pink" but these guys wanted their chairs to be the color of their business logo.  So I set out to find some lonely chairs to "Charlie Brown Christmas" ;)

The hunt did not let me down!  It can be easy to pass by such losers as these pieces when you are looking for to impress your clients with at the new office.  Although it is hard to believe that these chairs could ever look like they belong together, after a coat of paint and new matching upholstered seats - it's a mismatch made in heaven!

Ahhhhh.  That's better.

Now it's your turn,


This post was originally featured under Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.